Gator offers powered pedal board for under $100

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-17)

Gator offers powered pedal board for under $100

If you've been begginging for a powered pedalboard with a street price well under $100, Gator Cases has heard your pleas. "The Bone" carries 1700 milliamps of power in a lighteight package that holds up to four pedals plus a wah-wah or volume-type type pedal.

The design of the board is bone-shaped and on a slight angle and offers a perfect fit for four standard size effectd pedals plus the larger pedal on a hook-and-loops surface. With a 1700mA capacity, the 9V power supply can handle most battery-powered pedals easily. The pedlaboard comes with a heavy-duty ballistic nylon carry bag with an exterior zipper pocket and adjustable shoulder strap.

"The Bone" will be available in January 2010 a street price of $69.99

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