Korg debuts wireless instrument tuners

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-19)

Korg debuts wireless instrument tuners

Instrumentalists both plugged and unplugged should appreciate the new Korg Wi-Tune Chromatic tuners. The new units' Wireless Tuning System™ eliminates the need to swap cables or patch in and out of the tuner during performance.

The Wi-Tune consists of two pieces: the transmitter module and the tuner itself. To use the Wi-Tune, the player attaches the clip-on transmitter module to their instrument and turns it on. The Wi-Tune picks up the signal and displays the current tuning information in the large, backlit display. Users can place the tuner module anywhere, assuring maximum visibility with no cable limitations. The Wi-Tune can also be used as a traditional tuner using the built-in microphone. In addition to visual tuning, it can generate reference tones for tuning by ear.

Accurate to within ±1 cent, the Wi-Tune offers a wide detection range from A0 (27.50Hz) to C8 (4186.01Hz). It also features a folding stand for easy-to-read visibility. Speaking as someone who plays both bass and trombone, the clip-on transmitter seems very handy for symphonic musicians or those using acoustic instruments in noisy environments where proximity and isolation of the source is critical but a microphone wire is a nuisance.

Three Wi-Tune systems are available, each with a specific application transmitter clip:
WR-01: Wireless Multi Instrument Tuner
WR-01BW: Wireless Brass and Woodwind Tuner
WR-01S: Wireless Saxophone Tuner

The Wi-Tune carries an MSRP of $150.

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