French guitar maker LAG begins distribution in US

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-18)

French guitar maker LAG begins distribution in US

Long noted in Europe for producing quality guitars at a variety of price points, L¬G Guitars make their U.S. debut with the unveiling of the all-new Tramontane line of acoustic and acoustic/electric guitars distributed by Korg. Buzz from the 2010 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, CA was all positive.

Named for a seasonal wind in southern France, the Tramontane (Trah-mon-tahn) line includes both steel-and nylon-string guitars. Tramontane guitars are distinguished by their use of fine woods, quality craftsmanship and finishes, beveled corner bindings and proprietary preamp/pickup systems. Stepping up from the entry-level Standard Range, the Stage Range offers premium instruments for the novice and casual player. The Master Range guitars are appointed with fine details and select woods to satisfy the accomplished musician. Each series is diverse and includes both acoustic and acoustic/electric models. Traditional Dreadnought, Auditorium and Jumbo body styles are offered (also in left-handed models). 12-string guitars are available in acoustic/electric styles.

LAG tops are primarily solid Red Cedar or solid Sitka Spruce. Stage Range backs and sides are either mahogany or Indonesian rosewood; Master Range models feature solid mahogany or solid Indian rosewood backs and sides. Both high-gloss and elegant French satin finishes are used, and all instruments feature a detailed rosette design highlighting the Occitan Cross (from the region of France in which LAG is based).

LAG acoustic/electric models feature the proprietary DirectL¬G and StudioL¬G preamp systems developed with Shadow Electronics. For added convenience, StudioL¬G preamps contain five custom-configured analog presets for instant access to a wide acoustic tone palette. StudioL¬Gplus and StudioL¬Gpro models also contain built-in tuners.

Standard and Stage Range instruments feature the NanoFlex Piezo bridge pickup. Master Range guitars use a Hexophonic NanoFlex pickup, with adjustments for each individual string. Master Range steel-string models feature an additional NanoMag humbucking magnetic pickup concealed below the fingerboard, behind the last fret. This provides a warm, well-balanced tone with added definition, and the ability to blend between the two pickups, for flexible sound options.

L¬G Tramontane guitars are available as follows: Standard and Stage Range Ė January 2010; Master range Ė spring/summer 2010. U.S. MSRP prices range from $280 to $2100. Master Range models also include a case.

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