Zenhiser Unleashes New Techno Drum Sample Packs

(ShackMan | Posted 2010-01-20)

Zenhiser Unleashes New Techno Drum Sample Packs

In the world of sampled sounds, an artist can often have well into the thousands of sounds. Sample manufacturers Zenhiser have been consistently on the cutting edge of the latest new sounds with an emphasis on realistic ambience and the ability to "tweak and tweez," to use their own phrase, numerous settings to get every parameter just right.

These two new kits retail for $7.27 USD. This has been the going price for just about every sample kit Zenhiser has released with very little variance, and it continues to release new ones quite frequently. Zenhiser has taken the new-age sales approach and is selling all of their sample software online for instant download. You can find a list of them on their website at www.Zenhiser.com, most of them sorted by style and genre.

Delving deep into the realms of minimal techno and deep techno the the Ultra Techno Drum Kit 01 sample set (the first of several) delivers over 230 of the most up to date techno drum sounds. With a massive percussion and techno fx library this techno drum kit gives a new reach to your techno and minimal techno productions. The kit contains sophisticated-sounding hi-hats, eclectic tech percussion, essential techno effects, and cracking snares as well as some tight kicks. Recommended for techno and minimal techno producers.

The 4th installment in the Pure House Drums series brings another onslaught of house kicks, house hats, snares, and claps. Designed with both killer attack and punch but also the clarity to make you not "just another dance dj," these sample pack features 40 house drum samples in the true house style.

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