Zoom revamps G2 guitar multieffects pedal

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-23)

Zoom revamps G2 guitar multieffects pedal

Zoom’s new G2Nu and G2.1Nu build on the success of its familiar G2 guitar effects pedal with a variety of new and practical features along with enhanced ease of use, improved tone technology and patches created by legendary guitar virtuoso Steve Vai.

The new G2 units feature 20 types of guitar amp and stomp boxes models and 100 preset guitar sounds, 20 of which were created by Vai. The G2.1Nu (pictured) also has a built-in expression pedal.

The new pedals can also operate as audio interfaces to allow users to record directly to a computer via the built-in USB port. Zoom’s direct monitoring design eliminates latency problems. A 1.9-inch LCD display and a new, more intuitive interface also provide easier navigation during both live and recording sessions.

G2U -- MSRP:$ 164.99; Street: $89
G2.1Nu -- MSRP: $279.99; Street: $159

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