DigiTech releases two new JamMan looper pedals

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-25)

DigiTech releases two new JamMan looper pedals


DigiTech, has introduced two new looper pedals for guitarists and bassists, the JamMan® Solo (pictured) and JamMan® Stereo. The JamMan Stereo features true stereo loops as well as reverse playback, while the JamMan Solo is designed for those looking for a full-featured looper in a compact form.

Each can store 35 minutes of CD-quality loops in 99 loops internally as well, and each has an SD memory card expansion slot, allowing you to store up to 16 hours of material in the JamMan Stereo and 48 hours of material in the JamMan Solo in an additional 99 slots.

Each pedal features USB connectivity and will sync to DigiTech’s free JamManager™ software, which organizes and saves your loops to a PC or Mac. The software also provides the user with the capability to create JamLists and have them available for use anytime. Both loopers also include a USB port to transfer loops to and from a computer, a metronome with multiple rhythm sounds and time signatures, automatic recording and Hands-Free™ functionality. The JamMan Stereo also features a balanced low impedance XLR mic input with a dedicated gain control.

JamMan Solo -- MSRP: $349.95; Street: $199
JamMan Stereo -- MSRP: $449.95; Street: $250

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