Yamaha introduces revamped CG classical guitars

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-23)

Yamaha introduces revamped CG classical guitars

Although Yamaha basses and keyboards seem to attract the most attention, the company has for years offered well-made, rich sounding, playable and affordable classical guitars for decades. In fact, classical guitars were the first guitar line made by Yamaha.

So it's no surprise that for 2010, Yamaha has completely redesigned its CG series to incorporate many features taken from the Japanese Handcrafted GC line.

Matt Finish Bridge
The new CG range features a matt finish bridge for drier, clearer tone and better resonance in the bridge and transfer of vibrations from bridge to top.

Smaller Bridgeplate
The bridgeplate (fitted beneath the guitar's top) has been reduced in size to allow freer vibration of the guitar's top and a more responsive, open tone together with greater volume.

Improved Saddle Fit
The new CG range benefits from an improved saddle fit across the range, improving transfer of vibrations from the strings to the guitar's body.

GC Bracing
The 2010 CG range uses the bracing design from the GC Concert Series guitars featuring 6 braces as opposed to 7 as used in the outgoing CG bracing for greater volume, improved response and a more balanced tone.

Updated Construction
With a choice of models featuring solid spruce or cedar tops and a choice of nato, ovankol, mahogany or rosewood back and sides, the new CG range offers a wide range of tonal variations.

With playability as a major focus, the new CG line benefits from a number of significant changes to improve the player experience all for a better performance.

3-piece Neck
The new CG guitars feature a 3-piece neck design for increased stability and strength giving a more stable, consistent action.

GC Neck Profile
Taken from the GC Concert Series guitars, the new matt-finish CG neck profile offers improved player comfort and feel.

Lower Action
12th fret action on the factory setup is 0.2mm lower across the range than the outgoing CG series.

Using the design brief of 'simple but elegant' the new CG series has updated cosmetics to reflect the affordable excellence of the new models.

New Headstock
Smaller, simpler headstock features the Yamaha 'tuning fork' logo and offers a cleaner, more contemporary look.

New Inlays
Simpler, subtler inlays across the range include single-line wood or ABS bridge inlays.

New Rosette Designs
Smaller, simpler rosette designs offer a distinctly more contemporary look to the latest guitars.

Available: April 2010

Compiled using information from the Yamaha (www.yamaha.com) website and press releases.

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