Sansamp adds three new pedals to guitar Character Series

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-30)

Sansamp adds three new pedals to guitar Character Series

SansAmp has introduced three new stompboxes in its popular Character Series: Leeds (pictured), Oxford and U.S. Steel.

The Who's "Live at Leeds" LP is still among the best live albums ever released, and has inspired many a guitarist to leap about the stage like a madman, ala Pete Townshend. The new Leeds won't help you with leaping, bit it will help you emulate Pete's Hiwatt amp wall of sound. Simply put, it's clean and loud.

The Oxford promises a more '70s "glam rock" sound -- think T-Rex's Marc Bolan and Bowie's Mick Ronson playing through a 4x12 stack.

SansAmp say the U.S. Metal is "packing more metal than Pittsburg." Someone should probably tell them that Pittsburgh is spelled with an "H" and that the city is no longer noted for steelmaking, but the thought's nice. As the name implies, it's for industrial-strength rock, emulating Celestion 12s in a closed-back cab.

Each Character Series pedal can be used as a standalone pre-amp to drive a power amp, a mixer, or a PA system, or used as a stompbox with an amp. Other features include built-in, defeatable speaker simulation, which is individually tuned to match each of the speaker/cabinet configurations associated with each type of amplifier; 3-band active EQ, Drive and Level controls; and 100% analog circuitry.

Should be in stores by late April or early May 2010.

MSRP: $225

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