Ampeg launches Heritage Series SVT bass amps

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-01-31)

Ampeg launches Heritage Series SVT bass amps

For bassists, the Ampeg SVT with one or two 8x10 cabinets is as iconic as are double Marshall stacks for guitar players. By popular demand, Ampeg has released three new SVT setups that are designed and assembled in the USA. The all-new Ampeg Heritage SVT-CL, Heritage SVT-810E, and Heritage SVT-410HLF deliver everything bassists love about classic Ampeg gear plus some premium upgrades, including high-end tubes, and custom U.S.-made drivers. The move was in sreposnse to requests for SVTS using all US-made parts.

Ampeg's Heritage Series heads deliver massive, all-tube power using premium JJ tubes for the preamp stage and "Winged C" power tubes. Just like the originals, the Heritage SVT-CL pushes 300 watts of power, which is perfect for the companion cabinets.

The Heritage SVT-810E and SVT-410HLF cabinets both feature custom U.S.-made Eminence drivers that meet the exact specifications of the original SVT speakers. The enclosures are built using rugged 15mm birch plywood and are meticulously assembled within a stone's throw of Ampeg's headquarters in Woodinville, WA. The 810E features 8, 10" speakers and can handle 800 watts or 400 watts per each set of four speakers if run stereo. The 410HLF has four 10's and a tweeter and can handle 500 watts. Each has the classic Ampeg sparkle grillecloth and wheels with top=mounted handles for tilt-back transport.

The Ampeg Heritage Series will be available in limited release globally in the first quarter of 2010.

MSRP: Heritage SVT-CL head: $3359.99
Heritage SVT-810E: $1819.99
Heritage SVT-410HLF: $1259.99

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