MXR releases Bass Envelope Filter

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-02-01)

MXR releases Bass Envelope Filter

If you're a fan of Funkmeister Bootsy Collins or any of the music of the '80s, get ready to say "Yow!" for MXR's new Bass Envelope Filter. The Bass Envelope Filter delivers classic, analog, envelope filter sounds -- Yow!; Wow! Pyoung!, etc. -- in a Phase-90 size pedal designed specifically for bass. Separate Dry and Effect controls let you mix straight and effects signals funkasize your sound without losing the low end. Decay and Q controls allow you to pick precise cutoff points to shape your sound and a simple twist of the Sensitivity knob can tailor the pedal for your attack as well as adjust for passive or active basses.

The Bass Envelope Filter runs on one, 9V battery or an optional power adapter.

MSRP: 254.95

Compiled from information on the Jim Dunlop website:

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