110 New Endorsees for Orange Amps

(MattG | Posted 2010-02-11)

110 New Endorsees for Orange Amps

Orange Amps is one of the fastest growing amplifier companies around. Instead of seeing walls of the iconic Marshal stacks or Fender twins, you are seeing walls of Orange cabs. Orange announced that it has signed over 110 new endorsees for 2010. The list includes Britney Spears’ guitarist John Chidley, Mastadon, and My Chemical Romance. Other superstars such as Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Madonna’s band also sport Orange Amplifiers.

They are a UK company and their specialty is the old British rocker tone. They find a nice middle ground between the cleanliness of a Fender twin and the grittiness of a Marshall. They have a very tasty tube overdrive as most of their heads are tube driven. They do make a few combo amps, but their most popular setup is a tube head with a cab of four tens or twelves. Or, for the real rockers, several cabs of four tens or twelves. Most of the time only one or two of the cabinets are even hooked up, but it looks so very cool to have wall of these aesthetically pleasing amps on stage. Sometimes the amp that is producing the sound is not even visible on stage. They are behind the wall or sometimes even on the tour bus in a sound proof capsule and miked to the hilt.

It doesn’t surprise me to see that Orange is endorsing so many up and coming artists, the Brit gain tone is coming back, and who better to give them their tone than Orange?

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