Kaki King Adamas Signature

(MattG | Posted 2010-02-13)

Kaki King Adamas Signature

New for 2010, the long deserved Adamas signature for Kaki King has arrived. Kaki is perhaps one of the most underrated and overlooked guitarists. She is one of the pioneers of the acoustic percussive style of tapping and creative alternate tunings. The guitar has some very unique features including a carbon fiber top and very unique soundhole placement.

The only wood on the guitar is in the neck. The neck is a 5 piece mahogany and maple configuration and Kaki insisted on a rosewood fretboard. The back is Ovationís famous plastic composite that significantly lightens the guitar. The signature uses the mid-depth body which will help acoustically with the volume and response that is needed for Kakiís style of playing. The carbon fiber top is not a new concept, other brands such as Rainsong have employed this technology in their guitars. One of the big benefits to composite and carbon fiber is the fact that it is much more resilient than wood. Watching humidity is not as crucial but still necessary because the neck and fretboard are still wood. And my favorite part of the Adamas brand is the leaf style soundhole which makes it almost imposible to drop a pick inside. The signature uses only the top soundhole and is outlined in white to pop on the black carbon fiber.

Kaki says that she uses Adamas because they stay in tune with here alternate tuning styles. She often tunes the guitar up to a fourth below standard tuning. Traditional guitars get very finicky when tuned away from standard pitch. The guitar will come with the OP Pro high output pick up and a hard case. The retail price has not yet been released.

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