Fender Custom Shop ramps up for 2010

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-02-16)

Fender Custom Shop ramps up for 2010

Beset by boutique manufacturers of guitars and basses, Fender some time ago began offering "Custom Shop" guitars that feature special models built with nore attention to detail than the company's production-line models, and at a premium price. Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Pino Palladino Custom Shop instruments are among the most popular. For 2010, the Custom Shop will introduce several limited-run new instruments that recreate some legendary Fender guitars as well as 60th-anniversary models.

The 60th anniversary of the Fender Telecaster guitar will celebrated this year by a unique and unprecedented release of some of Fender's most collectible and historical instruments, all limited to runs of 60 pieces each globally. The 60th Anniversary Limited Telecaster Proto is a reproduction of the prototype that Fender took around to clubs for artists to try when the guitar wass in the design phase. It is from this guitar that the Telecaster blossomed and changed the musical landscape forever.

The 60th Anniversary Limited Broadcaster guitar is a reproduction of one of the most collectable Fender guitars ever. Probably only 200 were ever made originally before the Gretsch Company sent a letter asking Fender to change the name because they owned the name Broadkaster. This is the first time the guitar has been reproduced with the original logo since then.

The 60th Anniversary Limited "Nocaster" is also a reproduction of an incredibly-rare Fender guitar: the Nocaster. After Gretsch asked Fender to drop the Broadcaster name, Fender simply cut the decals so that they read, "Fender" only. These guitars were made until the Telecaster name was introduced in 1951. It is believed that only about 475 Nocaster guitars were ever produced.

The 60th Anniversary Limited Single Pickup Esquire is a reproduction of the first Fender guitar, which immediately caught the ear of many guitarists, while the 60th Anniversary Two Pickup Esquire added a front pickup allowing guitarists to play more rhythm parts.

Celebrating the 1950s look, but with modern features, the Limited 1958 Candy Apple Red Stratocaste (limited to 30 pieces globally) is built for the working musician. It features hand-wound Abigail Ybarra pickups with a reverse wound/reverse pole middle pickup so that in the second and fourth positions the pickups cancel hum. The guitar also has a flatter fingerboard radius and taller 6105 frets allowing for easier bending. The wiring is "Modern Strat," which allows the tone control for the middle pickup to also work on the rear pickup so that you can roll off the high-end on the rear pickup if needed.

The Limited Custom Black '70s Stratocaster(limited to 30 pieces globally) is a modern twist on an iconic Stratocaster that evokes an era where Fender changed materials and features, which also affected the music that these guitars were used for. The three-bolt neck system came in the early 1970s along with a micro-tilt adjustment that allowed users to angle the pitch of the neck to their liking. The cast tremolo bridge also made its debut around this time, as well as the non beveled pickup magnets. This guitar has a flatter radius, and taller 6105 frets for easier string bending. The pickups are hand-wound by Abigail Ybarra who was hired at Fender in 1956.

The Limited 1972 Black Telecaster Custom (limited to 30 pieces globally) is a step back to the 1970s, but with modern features, and it is built for the working musician. The '72 Tele Custom is iconic and truly built for rock music. The guitar has a flatter fingerboard radius and taller 6105 frets allowing for easier bending. The pickups are a custom wound front Fender humbucking pickup, and a rare, hot Nocaster bridge pickup allowing for great chunky rhythm tones and searing Tele leads as well.

Compiled from a Fender press release. Fro more information, visit www.fender.com.

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