Sabian donates 100 cymbals to Little Kids Rock

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-02-24)

Sabian donates 100 cymbals to Little Kids Rock

In time of economic crisis, one of the first areas that is hit by funding cuts is the arts. This is unfortunate, because studies have shown that arts education is a critical component in development of well-rounded students. For example, studies indicate that music training helps with mathematics skills and that kids who study music are 54% more likely to go to college than peers who don't study music.

The Little Kids Rock (LKR) initiative provides music instruction for public school students who have been left behind due to budget cuts, in part through the support of donors, and Honorary Board Members, including Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, BB King.

A five-year partner with LKR is cymbal maker Sabian which in February 2010 donated 100 SBr cymbal sets to the program. "We believe that including music education in a child's academic curriculum is invaluable to their development, and fosters a lifetime appreciation for music," said Stacey Montgomery-Clark, Vice President of Marketing. Sabian's Sbr is a new series of brass cymbals designed to offer improved quality and value for the entry level drummer. Produced from a special-formula brass alloy at the Sabian plant in Canada, the budget-priced SBr is available in a full range of popular sizes and models, each featuring deep, large-peen hammering and pinpoint lathing. SBr is available exclusively in Natural Finish.

To date, it's estimated that LKRhas reached 85,000 children in grades K through 12. Instructors involved in the program use the unique methodology to teach students to play musical instruments. The program focuses on popular music styles that most students already listen to, including rock, blues, rap and hip-hop. Heavy emphasis is put on composition, improvisation and recording, and kids regularly get to record their own music, create CDs even make their own rock videos.

One of the things that makes LKR so successful is that after training teachers, the program can be up and running quickly and at no cost to the school. Because all instruments are donated free of cost, all kids have the chance to learn, play and rock out!

Compiled from information in a Sabian press release and from the Little Kid Rock Website:

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