American DJ releases "Jellyfish" LED light

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-02-27)

American DJ releases "Jellyfish" LED light

Natures most majestic, mysterious and captivating creature is the inspiration for American DJ's new, unique LED-powered effect - the Jellyfish.

Like its namesake, the Jellyfish radiates color through a clear outershell. However in this case, the color comes from 84 high-power RGBW LEDs and the “shell” is the fixtures unique clear plastic case, which itself changes colors -- making the Jellyfish two mesmerizing lighting effects in one!

“There really is nothing else like the Jellyfish on the market. It has a clear plastic case, so right away - it looks unique,” said Scott Davies, General Manager of the American DJ Group. “On a performance level, its also unique, because it combines two effects in one: a bright RGBW color beam effect and a color-changing glow case.”

With its shimmering case being part of the light show, the Jellyfish is one lighting effect that you simply do not want to hide away, added Davies. “For the first time, the fixture itself is as much of a dazzling special effect as the as the light show it creates. This truly is a dual effect.”

With 21 red, 21 green, 21 blue & 21 white 5mm LEDs, the Jellyfishs beauty runs more than translucent-skin deep. Whether you want it fast or slow, the color strobe effect, 116° beam angle and high-energy built-in programs will surely create an enchanting dance of bright LED color beams across the dance floor. The Jellyfish also features 0-100% electronic dimming, and it boasts 3 operational modes: DMX-512, Master/Slave or Sound Active. When using a DMX controller, the operator can choose between 2 DMX modes ¬- 3-Channel mode or 28-Channel mode -- for unmatched programming flexibility.

A group of jellyfish in nature is known as a “bloom”, so its only fitting that the LED version can create a distinctive bloom of its own. Up to 46 Jellyfish units can be hooked up to a daisy chain power, creating a lighting effect that is unlike anything ever experienced.

DJs and mobile entertainers will appreciate the Jellyfishs portability and user-friendly design. Weighing in at a slight 5 lbs., this light creature boasts an LED life of a whopping 100,000 hours. Despite the Jellyfishs dazzling light-up housing, it generates very little heat, so there are no duty cycles and the fun never has to stop. DJs can run it all night, then pack up immediately without having to wait for it to cool down. With a power consumption of only 13W max, it may be the worlds first “green” jellyfish!

Each unit includes its own mounting bracket and features a multi-voltage operation (AC 120-240V 50/60 Hz), so it can be used almost anywhere. At just 8”L x 12.5”W x 7.25”H, -- and 5 lbs. --this Jellyfish is much more portable than your average Cnidaria!

The MSRP of the Jellyfish is $179.95.

From an American DJ press release.

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