Yamaha debuts two new pocket recorders

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-02-28)

Yamaha debuts two new pocket recorders

Yamaha has released the Pocketrak C24 and W24 small recorders, each featuring incorporate 24bit/96kHz- sound quality and superb operating ease giving both professional. Both the C24 and W24 are supplied with 2GB of internal memory allowing them to record up to 13 hours of mp3 quality recording. If the internal storage is not enough, both models are expandable using standard microSD cards.

With the fastest startup time of any portable recorder these new Pocketraks are ready to record within 4.5 seconds of being turned on. They feature a handy onboard speaker for checking recordings while on location and come supplied with Cubase AI5 software allowing for detailed productions to be created back in the studio. Both models also include a handy peak limiter, tuner and metronome. The entry-level C24's innovative attachment clip allows it to be placed almost anywhere, from on a music stand to a on drum kit, and its internal metronome and tuner will be a nice bonus. The C24 contains a high quality non-directional stereo microphone, making it perfect for recording a wide area without having to move positions to pick out the different instruments, and is simple to use and even easier to connect to a host computer thanks to its internal USB connector. Simply slide it out and plug it in.

At only 92grams the W24 is incredibly compact and lightweight and features a large, dual X-Y microphone for outstanding stereo sound quality and a supplied wireless remote control for ease of use.

The microphone on a pocket recorder is extremely important in determining sound quality, and the sensitivity and coverage of this X-Y dual mic assembly are truly superior. Along with its built-in tuner and metronome, the W24 also has internal scene memories allowing favorite settings to be saved for instant recall.


From a Yamaha press release.

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