Zildjian rolls out 13 new cymbals for 2010

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-02-28)

Zildjian rolls out 13 new cymbals for 2010

The Zildjian cymbal company traces its roots back to the 1600's and Avedis Zildjian I, an Armenian alchemist in the city of Constantinople whose attempts to create gold by combining base metals led instead to an alloy of copper, tin and traces of silver with unique sound qualities. Avedis used this discovery to create cymbals of spectacular clarity and power. The sound of the instruments was extraordinary, and as his reputation grew he was given the name “Zildjian”, an Armenian word meaning “son of cymbal maker.” Avedis I's descendants carried on his tradition, and the company's reputation and commitment to quality and craftsmanship have made the Zildjian name instantly recognizable in the drumming world. For 2010, Zildjian continues to break new ground by releasing 13 new cymbals.

New K Rides
22" K Constantinople "Bounce" Ride
Designed with Jazz legend Kenny Washington, it's the newest edition to the K Constantinoples. You'll dig this one.

22" K Constantinople Thin Ride - Overhammered
Thin weight and additional over-hammered marks gives it a dark pitch with plenty of great wash.

20" K Light Flat Ride
Our newest offering to the popular K Light line. Thin weight with extreme stick definition, perfect on any setup.

Effects Cymbals
16" and 18" K Zildjian EFX
Darker version of the A Custom EFX. Produces a quick, dry, dark and trashy sound. Traditional K finish and thin weight.

14" and 20" A Custom EFX
A unique set of laser generated "cut outs" allows it to produce a quick, dry and trashy sound used for accenting and punctuating.

13" and 15" Oriental China Trash
The odd sizes are in addition to the 12-20" that we currently offer. Each are very fast and explosive with a rapid decay.

8" and 10" ZXT Trashformers
These thin Splash cymbals may be played as is, stacked on top of, or under any other cymbal, or any other way you can think of!


22" ZHT Ride
This medium heavy weight Ride provides excellent wash and a very clear ping. A monster Ride that is particularly well suited for Rock.

15" ZHT Mastersound HiHats
The ZHT line has established itself as a serious performer while providing excellent value. The top of the new 15" Mastersound HiHat is a medium weight cymbal providing plenty of volume while the bottom is a heavy weight with the rippled Mastersound edge feature for loads of presence and foot chick.

Compiled from information on the Zildian website: www.zildjian.com

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