Audio-Technica enhances BP892 headworn mic with dual ear mount

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-03-04)

Audio-Technica enhances BP892 headworn mic with dual ear mount

Audio-Technica is enhancing its BP892 MicroSet Subminiature Omnidirectional Condenser Headworn Microphone with the AT8464 Dual-Ear Microphone Mount. The high-SPL successor to Audio-Technica's popular AT892, the BP892 offers increased dynamic range with maximum audio quality and minimum visibility. The Dual-Ear Mount allows users to convert their single-ear-worn BP892 MicroSet to a dual-ear-worn unit for maximum stability and comfort. This device will now come standard with all BP892 MicroSet units, and is also sold as a standalone item to retrofit BP892 and AT892 units.

Ideal for broadcast, live sound, theater, ENG, worship and fitness applications the AT8464 provides additional stability and a comfortable fit for the BP892. It easily converts the mic to left or right wearing positions, and the continuously adjustable headband fits both children and adults. It features a durable, lightweight, low-profile design with an included cord clip. Like the BP892, the AT8464 is available in both black and theater beige.

All configurations of the A BP892, with included AT8464 Dual Ear Mount, are now available with U.S. MSRPs as follows:

BP892 MicroSet Headworn Microphone* (*now includes AT8464 Dual Ear Mount): $549.00

BP892-TH*: Beige version of BP892 $549.00 BP892cW*: Terminated for Audio-Technica UniPak wireless systems $439.00

BP892cW-TH*: Beige version of BP892cW $439.00 BP892cL4*: Terminated for Sennheiser wireless systems using Lemo connector $519.00

BP892cL4-TH*: Beige version of BP892cL4 $519.00 BP892cLM3*: Terminated for Sennhesiser wireless systems using 3.5-mm locking mini plug $459.00

BP892cLM3-TH*: Beige version of BP892cLM3 $459.00 BP892cT4*: Terminated for Shure wireless systems using TA4F connector $459.00

BP892cT4-TH*: Beige version of BP892cT4 $459.00 BP892cT5*: Terminated for Lectrosonics wireless systems using TA5F connector $459.00

BP892cT5-TH*: Beige version of BP892cT5 $459.00

BP892c*: Unterminated version of BP892 $419.00

BP892c-TH*: Beige version of BP892c $419.00

AT8464 Dual Ear Mount (Standalone Unit) $48.00

AT8464-TH: Beige version of AT8464 $48.00

Celebrating over 45 years of audio excellence worldwide, Audio-Technica is a leading innovator in transducer technology, renowned for the design and manufacture of microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, mixers, and electronics for the audio industry.

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