TC-Helicon debuts VoiceTone Harmony-G XT for guitarists

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-03-08)

TC-Helicon debuts VoiceTone Harmony-G XT for guitarists

Guitarist/singers wishing to add harmony background vocals to their performances will appreciate TC-Helicon's VoiceTone Harmony-G XT. As well as improved harmony technology and reverb taken from its big brother VoiceLive 2, Harmony-G XT now adds Auto-Chromatic Pitch Correction – available as a free download for all Harmony-G XT owners.

What is Auto-Chromatic Pitch Correction?
With Auto-Chromatic Pitch Correction TC-Helicon has just made it even easier to deliver pitch-perfect vocals every time. Regular pitch tuning woks to a key or scale, but with Auto-Chromatic Pitch Correction there’s no scale or key setting, allowing vocalists to plug in a mic and deliver perfect vocals every time.

The typical adjustments of key, scale and attack time aren't present because the chromatic scale works for all Western scale-based songs and the rest of the parameters are preset. Simply double-click the Tone button and pitch correction is engaged. With Auto-Chromatic Pitch Correction the only controls are On/Off.

New Features in VoiceTone Harmony-G XT
A wealth of new features make Harmony-G XT a better-sounding and easier-to-use vocal effect foot-pedal:
• Auto-Chromatic pitch correction gives perfect pitch every time
• Improved NaturalPlay guitar-controlled harmony algorithm
• Front-of-house quality reverb algorithm and selection of styles from VoiceLive 2
• Selection of four overdub-style doubling effects with two more doubling voices available
• Reworked FX presets offer even more utility across music styles
• USB connection for easy software updates, tips, and preset backup using the included VoiceSupport applet
• Adaptive harmony gate added to Tone for a cleaner mix
• Easy manual selection of Scale & Key for singers without an instrument or horn players

Standard Features
Some of the features that made the original Harmony-G such a success:
• Listens to guitar and voice to create correct harmony parts automatically
• Tone switch smoothes vocals with adaptive Live Engineer Effects
• 18 combinations of reverb, delay and ΅mod shared by vocal and guitar input • 10 presets available, each with A/B options
• Harmony interval selection includes 3rds and 5ths above and below, octave up and down, and the unique Bass interval
• Stereo or mono configurable output
• Clean, studio-quality mic preamp with phantom power and XLR input
• Guitar signal can be mixed in and share reverb or passed through to separate amplifier
• Fast, accurate guitar tuner

The VoiceTone Harmony-G XT has a n MSRP of $345 and a street price of $249 USD.

Compiled from information on the TC-Helicon website:

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