Taylor Guitars Road Show

(MattG | Posted 2010-03-12)

Taylor Guitars Road Show

If you missed this yearís NAMM show, donít fret, pun intended. Taylor Guitars will be conducting its fourth annual Road Show. Taylor rounds up some of the key people that are responsible for the product that the company produces and takes them on the road to visit several of the Taylor dealers across the country. They give presentations about the workings of the factory and the attention to detail each guitar receives. They also educate attendees about differences in tonewoods and body styles and why things are paired the way they are. It wonít be quite like the NAMM show but donít be surprised if the 8 string baritone is there to generate some buzz.

After the presentations are over, Taylor allows a hands on look at the guitars they brought and very appropriately call it ďThe Petting Zoo.Ē Many of the guitars they bring are models from the regular series that can be played at most Taylor dealers, but there will also be some custom Taylors built from the Custom Order Program. This will be a good opportunity to see and play some of the higher end Taylor's that many of the dealers don't stock. I wonder which ones will get played the most?

There is going to be some free gear given out to those who attend the Road Show. The will have some promotional clothing and my personal favorite some elixir strings. Each person also gets a subscription (digital) to Premier Guitar. The best part is you can enter for a chance to win a Custom Order Taylor. Sign me up. There are over 200 stops planned throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe and the dates can be found at www.taylorguitars.com/roadshow. The best part of the whole deal is that the show is free.

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