Power to the people: High-end music power cords from ESP

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-03-15)

Power to the people:  High-end music power cords from ESP

Musicians spend tons of money on reliable instrument cables. After all, there IS a big difference between the cables that manufacturers ship with intsruments and something heavy duty, such as Monster Cables. But how much thought do musicicnas put into an electrical power cable? Most likely, they use the cable that canme with the amplifier. But Essential Music Products (ESP) believes that a power cable can make a differene, not only in power, but in sound.

With this thought in mind, ESP in late 2009 introduced the MusicCord "ES" series AC power components for use by musicians and audiophiles alike.The "ES" ("ESpecial") series models feature special components and processing for an even more refined sound. Models include MusicCord ES and MusicCord-PRO ES power cords, and MusicCord-PRO ES Power Distributor.

EPS says power cords included with equipment "choke" the audio component's power supply, constraining dynamics and causing harshness, uncontrolled bass, thin harmonics, and truncated tone. MusicCord ES power cord unleashes the audio system's full performance potential. Improvements include greater clarity and definition, more vibrancy and tone, delicacy, immediacy, and greater harmonic integrity. The full complexity of harmonic structure is conveyed with a euphoric quality. With MusicCord ES, notes 'sing' with longer sustain. Bass notes 'speak' with power and slam, yet a more detailed and lyrical tone. Amplifiers can be played at higher volume levels without sounding 'strained'. Previously, these performance improvements were thought to be obtainable only by replacing the component. Now, dramatic tonal improvements can be realized for a fraction of the cost.

All MusicCord power cords are based upon a patented multiple-conductor cordage design that replaces a single line or neutral conductor with several smaller conductors. This design eliminates phase distortion and speeds current flow to the component's power supply. MusicCord power cords are heavily shielded to provide quiet backgrounds by blocking RFI and containing the strong magnetic field that surrounds the cordage so it does not cause distortions in nearby signal carrying cables. ES series power cords incorporate proprietary termination components and processing previously reserved for our Reference audiophile products including deep cryogenic treatment to -300 degrees Fahrenheit. Deep cryogenic processing improves current flow and reduces distortion by causing grain boundaries to realign for more intimate contact acting electrically almost as if they did not exist. The result is ES series power cords deliver more resolution and overall refinement that standard MusicCord models.

Quality Terminations
Quality terminations are important for any cable. There are unavoidable resistive losses with any termination. The objective is to minimize these losses. Our 15-years of design and field experience has guided and confirmed what are the best practices in power cord termination. The process we employ on Especial series plug terminations reduces contact resistance between components.

More rResolution
MusicCord ES cables has all the performance attributes, build quality and applications versatility of standard MusicCord power cords. The additional processing steps we perform on ES series results in more resolution from your connected audio component.

* Resolution that makes vocals and featured instruments sound smoother, "sweeter".
* Resolution that improves imaging focus.
* Resolution to hear low-level spatial cues in recordings and DVD soundtracks.

The MusicCord ES power cords start at $159.99 USD when purchased direct from the ESP website: www.essentialsound.com>

Compiled from information on the ESP website.

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