Gig-FX introduces Sub-Wah bass effects pedal

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-03-15)

Gig-FX introduces Sub-Wah bass effects pedal

Bassists know that even wah-wah pedals tailored for bass use often don't work well with lower notes, but Gig-FX has introduced a new wah that promises to handle frequencies all the way down to low B.

The Gig-FX Sub-Wah bass pedal employs sophisticated electronic filters to provide ranges all the way down to below low B. The Sub-Wah's fully adjustable high-gain circuits provide clean boost to an optimized sweep range arrived at with the help of months and months of trial and error with some notable professional bass players, including Thee-Ram Jams.

The pedal is bypassed when pressed all the way rearward. When the Sub-Wah pedal is stepped on and rocked from the off position, the optical linkage automatically turns the stompbox on noise-free, and then provides the wah sound of your choice as the pedal is pressed down. The resonance control allows adjustment of the peak value (Q) of the wah determining how much wah range the pedal provides. The gain control allows control over how much gain the pedal provides to allow soloing at higher volume levels. The end result is a very versatile bass wah pedal with plenty of wah filters:

•Classic Wah: The original analog classic Wah sound in a lightweight, noise-free optically controlled package.
•Sub-Wah: Gig-FX took the classic wah and put it on steroids.Get lots more OOOMPH on the bass frequencies all the way to below low B. Will act as a bass boost if needed.
•Trig-Wah: The Sub-Wah sound triggered by a note. This is one of the best envelope filters out there, sounding awesomely funky.
•Auto-wah: Want a pedal wah, envelope filter and auto-wah? This pedal does them all. Select the frequency of choice with the rate control.

Gig-FX Sub-Wah Bass Effects Pedal Features: * All analog circuitry
* Easy to use—Just push the pedal forward and the effect is engaged
* Better-than-true-bypass achieved by a noiseless FET switch
* Open frequency response
* Reliable, wear-free, noise-free optical operation
* Bypassed when pedal is all the way back
* 9V operating voltage, 50mA current consumption
* Will accept standard 2.1mm AC adapter supply plug, center negative
* Blue and red LED's to show pedal is engaged and its modulation rates
* Lightweight, high-quality aircraft aluminum casting and rugged construction

Street price on the Gig-FX Sub-Wah is $299 USD.

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