TC Electronics offers Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle for PowerCore

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-03-20)

TC Electronics offers Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle for PowerCore

With the new TC Electronics Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle, PowerCore users now have the chance to add five of the most sought-after vintage guitar effects pedals to their plug-in collections – including the unique SCF, our legendary Stereo Chorus Flanger. All are for VST and Audio Units compatible hosts, including Logic, Cubase, Garageband, MAC and PC platforms and require the 2nd generation PowerCore. The package will be available in spring 2010. Sound samples are available on the TC electronic website:

These five plug-ins are exact software replicas of the first five products ever to roll off the TC production line. The bundle has been lovingly created using the original schematics of these ultra-rare and collectible hardware pedals, ensuring that the software gives you the exact same results as our original vintage hardware.

When combined, the plug-ins compliment each other superbly, putting powerful sonic tools at your fingertips and giving almost unrivaled tone-shaping potential. Developed for guitar but with character enough to stamp their authority on any sound, the Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle represents a milestone in sonic purity and depth of tone.

SCF - Stereo Chorus Flanger
The original TC Stereo Chorus Flanger guitar pedal is considered by many musicians the Holy Grail of chorus and flanging pedals - much sought-after, but rarely found! Now the pedal that’s an essential tool for countless pros - including Erik Johnson, Robben Ford, John Petrucci - is a key feature of the Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle. Though originally intended for use with guitar, many keyboard players have made the SCF an integral part of their setup - especially to give the extra ‘touch’ on Rhodes electric pianos. The SCF promises a unique sound that’s revered by musicians and studio engineers alike. The carefully selected high-end military-grade components on the original hardware added considerably to this unique vibe.

Booster + Line Driver & Distortion
If you like your tone raw, un-tamed and with a decidedly vintage flavor then the Booster/Distortion pedal plug-in is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Delivering a transparent boost that will not color your tone, the Booster/Distortion gives you the sound of vintage tube amps cranked to high levels. You can also use it to push tube amps into even higher gears. Our Booster/Distortion sound is already used by top end pros such as Scott Ian (Anthrax) and Allan Holdsworth to get unrivalled grit in their tone. Comes with a built-in noise gate that holds feedback in a firm leg-lock, only letting through the boosted – yet uncolored – roaring signal from your strokes.

TC XII Programmable Phaser
This extreme phaser takes you from light, ethereal sounds to extremely grungy effects and everything in between. Other phasing effects can add subtle and almost inaudible nuances to your tone, but with TC’s XII Phaser you’re in no doubt whether or not it’s switched into the signal path. XII Phaser is great on clean funky chords to overdriven riffs to super-saturated leads, and with the integral 4-8-12 filter selector it offers a huge variety of settings that radically alters the phasing from wild, lo-fi retro to pure grandiosity and back again.

Sustain + Parametric EQ for PowerCore
The Sustainer section prolongs the life of even the weakest tone otherwise destined for premature death, but when combined with the powerful parametric EQ you have greatly enhanced tone. The Sustainer/Parametric EQ plug ranges from subtle compression to extreme sustain effects – all at the turn of a dial. Cranked to extreme levels it even gives your sound that percussive ‘thud’, making it a natural for weighty funk or country styles.

Dual Parametric Equalizer
For enriching sound, cleaning up your tone and adding focus, the peerless Dual Parametric is without equal – this pedal is already the secret weapon of many pro musicians and producers. The dual EQ element allows you to shape those lower frequencies while boosting the midrange, making it the perfect super-fast ‘go-to’ parametric EQ. DPE may have achieved an iconic status as a tone-shaping device for acoustic and electric guitar, but will add presence, focus and weight to any audio signal.

Compiled from information on the TC electronic website:

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