Nady introduces mini multichannel guitar wireless MGT-16

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-03-26)

Nady introduces mini multichannel guitar wireless MGT-16

Nady Systems recently announced the introduction of their new MGT-16 UHF wireless system for guitar, bass and keyboard, which features 16 user-selectable PLL frequencies. The MGT-16 features infrared download of the selected frequency on the receiver to the transmitter.

The miniature, lightweight transmitter plugs directly into a guitar, bass or portable keyboard output jack with no cable or bodypack transmitter required; the stomp box size receiver can be placed anywhere—even on stage next to effects pedals. The MGT-16 features cutting edge technology along with Nady’s legendary hard-wired sound, full dynamic range, instantaneous transient attack and wide frequency response.

The MGT-16’s selectable channels fall within the UHF 583-604MHz range for interference-free operation. ASC ™ (Auto-Sync Channel) transfer of selected frequency from receiver to transmitter via infrared download makes set-up quick and easy.

The MGT-16 features rugged housing and is designed for maximum portability and ease of use. System is offered with choice of 2 miniature transmitters that plug into your instrument: The MT-16A with 30 degree angled plug for use with recessed or surface-mounted jacks, or the MT-16R, with a right-angle plug for surface-mounted jacks only. The compact receiver can be battery operated or used with the supplied AC adapter. The MGT-16 features dual antennas for maximum range and dropout protection and has a range of up to 300 ft operating range line-of-sight.

Street price on the MGT-16 is $199.99.

MGT-16 System:

* UHF wireless system for guitar/bass
* 16 user-selectable PLL frequencies for
interference-free operation
* Up to 250 ft. operating range, line-of-sight
* Infrared ASC Auto-Sync Channels transfer from receiver to transmitter for instant setup
* Battery operated receiver and transmitter

MGT-16 Receiver:

* Compact, portable, "pedal style" receiver
* Dual 1/4 wave antennas
* Infrared sync with transmitter for instant setup
* Unbalanced 1/4" line out jack
* Power On/Off/Mute switch; Volume Control; LED indicators for Power On, Low Battery Alert, and RF Reception; DIP-switch channel selection with IR sync to transmitter
* Powered by DC adapter (included) or two AA alkaline batteries for portability (up to 8 hours battery life)

MT-16A / MT-16R Transmitters:

* Choice of two transmitter housings: MT-16A with 30 degree angled 1/4" plug for use with either recessed or surface mounted jacks, or MT-16R with 90 degree angled 1/4" plug for surface mounted jacks only
* Up to eight hours of battery life from a single AAA alkaline or NiMH rechargeable battery
* Infrared channel sync with receiver for instant setup * Power On/Off switch; Power/Low Battery LED indicators; IR Sync LED; Input Level attenuation switch; internal Audio Level control trim-pot
* External flexible antenna

Compiled from information in a Nady press release and on the Nady website:

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