Modern Beats releases "Pop Anthemz" music loops

(Lakander | Posted 2010-03-26)

Modern Beats releases "Pop Anthemz" music loops

Hip Hop artists in search of new loops with a modern touch will be pleased with the new offering from Modern Beats, the purveyor of Hip Hop Samples, Drum Loops, Fruity Loops, Reason Refills, Acid Loops ana donwloadable free loops.

Pop Anthemz 1, featuring over 350 Pop Radio music loops (640MB) in construction-style format. This melodic loopset provides 20 multitrack pop music themes including both straight and swing rhythmicphrasing. Each multitrack theme delivers layered performances of Pop Radio and Top-40 Dance music instruments where each layer is separated into its own instrument loop file.

'Pop Anthemz' includes a large variety of "Radio Ready" top-40 contemporary and classic Pop music themes and performances! All 'Pop Anthemz' loops mix-match seamlessly together, allowing users to combine and create hundreds of original multitrack musical compositions with ease! Loops are modeled in the style of platinum Pop music artists such as Lady GaGa, Black Eyed Peas, Jordin Sparks, Britney Spears, Jesse McCartney, Madonna, and Katy Perry.

'Pop Anthemz 1' list of instruments include Arpeggio Synths, Banjo, Brass Section, Cello, Chorus Synths, Choir Pads, Electric Guitar, Electric Piano, Ensemble Strings, Ethnic String Instruments, Flange Synths, Flute, Glockenspiel, Harp, Harpsichord, Horns Section, Leslie Organ, Leslie Electric Keys, Mallet, Mellotron, Monophonic Glide Synths, Organ, Phaser Synths, Piano, Pizzicato Strings, Portamento Synths, Rhodes, Saw Wave Bass, Saw Synth Leads, Sine Wave Bass, Sitar, Square Synth Leads, Sync Synths, Sub Bass, Synth Bells, Synth Worms, Tremolo Strings, Vibes, Violins, Xylophone, and more.

Pop Anthemz 1 is organized into 2 popular Pop Radio tempos, 125 bpm and 130 bpm. The loop library features a sample accurate acidized WAV format for use with Acid Pro and all WAV format supporting music software.

'Pop Anthemz' Music Loops is offered as a download at $39.95. Formore info and audio demos, visit:

Compiled from a Modern Beats news release and information on their website.

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