TC-Helicon release substantial firmware update for VoiceLive 2

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-03-26)

TC-Helicon release substantial firmware update for VoiceLive 2

TC-Helicon's VoiceLive2 signal processor for vocalists made its name by giving singers the ability to add harmonies, reverbs, delays and modulations, or even live automatic tuning, aka ‘HardTune’.

Now VoiceLive2 has become even more powerful with the latest 1.2 firmware upgrade. Among the many additional features are new Rhythmic effects, Dual Mono output option, and dedicated Tap Tempo control using the Delay footswitch.

Version 1.2 of VoiceLive 2 is now available. A manual addendum, details on backing up preset & setup data, upgrading the firmware, and restoring preset & setup data can be found at the end of this post.

This version adds many new features, improvements, and fixes:

- new Rhythmic effects
- set tap tempo by holding the Delay button
- new Dual Mono output option
- lead voice level added to preset and effects blocks
- gender added to Double effect
- guitar and lead voice phase reverse added
- added momentary on capability for Harmony and Double effects
- added +6dB and +12dB analog output modes

- last preset recalled on power-up
- added new expression pedal parameters including: more effect levels, delay send level, Rhythmic parameters, output level, and more.
- lead voice latency reduced
- guitar compressor improved
- MIDI SysEx improvements for VoiceSupport version 1.1 and beyond
- faster auto Mic Gain setting

- digital output level increased
- HardTune scale saved correctly on preset change
- guitar reverb style now unchanged by vocal preset changes
- lead delay Setup parameter now working correctly
- Transducer on/off switching corrected
- Notes mode low input level performance improved

Manual Addendum
Download the manual addendum here. It includes instructions on upgrading your firmware as well as using the new features.

New Rhythmic Presets
Download new Rhythmic Presets here. The manual contains instructions on how to upload these presets to VoiceLive 2.

Important – Backing Up Presets/Setup
Backup preset and system settings using VoiceSupport. When updating to version 1.2, VoiceLive2 will be reset to a factory default state. This means that all user presets and settings are erased. However, by backing up presets and setup in advance, they can be restored after the update, and restarting VoiceSupport. For instructions on backing up presets and setup see the version 1.2 manual addendum.

Updating VoiceLive 2
Run VoiceSupport to upgrade VoiceLive 2 firmware.

Compiled from information in aa TC-Helicon press release and the TC-helicon webiste:

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