Blue Microphones premieres new handheld models for live use

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-03-29)

Blue Microphones premieres new handheld models for live use

Long known for its quality line of studio microphones, Blue Microphones has premiered the new en-CORE line of handheld mics meant for live, onstage usage.

The en*CORE 100, 200, 300 and 100i. are designed to deliver exceptional all-around performance and capture your unique, individual sound, the enĚCORE mics combine beauty and ruggedness into one perfect instrument.

Blue designed the enĚCORE family to be as versatile as possible. From the smallest, most intimate club to the largest booming arena; from indoor stage to outdoor broadcast, the enĚCORE family is engineered to fit any performance.

As with all Blue products, the enĚCORE line was designed and engineered to redefine the status quo. Unique styling and craftsmanship, including elegant grill/ring assemblies, laser-engraved logos and precision-machined barrels and grips, along with gorgeous durable plating finishes, make the enĚCORE line a standout on any stage.

But thatĺs literally just the surface. Inside, the enĚCORE mics are as technologically advanced as they are beautiful. Starting with Blueĺs Proprietary Capsule technology, each mic capsule is hand-tuned for the utmost in detail and clarity. Blueĺs proprietary capsule mount delivers minimal handling noise without pads or filters, and Blueĺs proprietary technologies, like the Active Dynamic Circuit in the enĚCORE 200 are used throughout the lineup.

Of course you canĺt talk about a live microphone without comparing it in battle. Thatĺs why we built the enĚCORE family to withstand anything you can throw, hurl, bash, crush, mangle or - really - run over with it. From its heavy-gauge grill and barrel to its reinforced ring and durable plated finishes, every enĚCORE mic can take a beating and still deliver amazing performances, show after show. No matter what you do to it. And to think you just liked us for our looks.

The enĚCORE 100 is a studio-grade dynamic that delivers natural vocals, balanced highs, and amazing detail and clarity, making it an incredibly versatile tool for live performance as well as studio and broadcasting applications.

The enĚCORE 200 delivers those same natural vocals with amazing detail and clarity, along with electronically transformed output to provide remarkably high gain. Blueĺs proprietary Active Dynamic Circuit gives the mic a consistent performance no matter the cable length, making it the perfect instrument for any vocal application as well as many instruments.

The flagship enĚCORE 300 is a condenser performance microphone that is as well-suited to the stage as it is the studio. The enĚCORE 300ĺs Aria Condenser Capsule is hand-selected and tuned for an open, detailed, and present sound. Its custom-designed phantom power circuit provides a rapid and powerful sound that is an ideal match for powerful vocals, while the enĚCORE 300ĺs unique reinforced chassis design mounts the capsule for optimal performance and isolation from handling noise.

The newest member to the enĚCORE line is the enĚCORE 100i. The enĚCORE 100i utilizes a new dynamic capsule with a custom-tuned diaphragm designed specifically to provide a tighter polar pattern perfect for miking instruments and other sources requiring high isolation. A custom circuit with transformer and high-pass filter optimizes frequency response for use with drums and amplified instruments and vocals, while a specially-designed grille provides protection from instrument strikes and facilitates mounting in tight spaces, making the enĚCORE 100i a versatile addition to the enĚCORE family.

Pricing information on the enCORE line is TBA.

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