Traveler Guitar releases Vintage Gold travel guitar

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-03-30)

Traveler Guitar releases Vintage Gold travel guitar

Musicians typically spend a lot of time on the road, in a bus, van, car or motel room, so a travel guitar might be high on their "need" list. Now, thanks to Traveler Guitar, musicians don't have to settle for a downsized, clunky piece of wood with strings attached merely to suit their travel needs.

The new special series of EG-1 guitars is for style-minded traveling players, with details like vintage speed knobs, crown inlays, time-tested finishes, chrome covered pickups, and is the first guitar in the EG-1 family to have a a 24 3/4" scale length. The Escape EG-1 Vintage Gold also features a cool "Gold Top" finishm creme pickup rings and modern touches like a built-in headphone amp with an aux-in jack for mp3 players.

Weighing in at just four pounds and with an overall length of only 28 5/8" due to its lack of a headstock, the Vintage Gold is the perfect carry-on guitar for frequent fliers because it easily stows in overhead airliner compartments. The onboard RockIt headphone amp produces clean or distorted signals when used with either headphones or plugged into an amp.


Neck - Maple
Body - Alder
Fingerboard - Ebonized Rosewood
Frets - 22-Jumbo
Scale Length - 24 3/4 in.
Fingerboard Inlays -Vintage Crown
Neck Width at Nut - 1 5/8 in.
Body Width - 10 1/2 in.
Length - 29 1/4 in.
Weight - 5 lbs.
Pickup - Full-Size Humbucker
Hardware - Chrome 14:1 Gear Ratio (closed gear)
Electronics - Custom Pocket Rock-It Pre w/ Headphone Amp, Tone control, Clean/Distortion settings
Finish - Vitage Gold, White Gloss

Q: Are special strings needed for the Escape EG-1 guitar?
A: No, any guitar strings you choose will work. The Escape EG-1 comes with D’Addario EXL110 Nickelplated Steel Round Wound Regular Light Electric Strings.

Q: Can I place a strap on my guitar?
A: Yes, the Escape EG-1 is equipped with two standard strap pins.

Q: Does the guitar have a truss-rod?
A: Yes, the Escape EG-1 has a fully adjustable truss rod with easy access through the endcap.

Q: Like the Traveler Pro Series, does the Speedster have “Stethophones” or any personal listening device?
A: The Escape EG-1 is equipped with a built in headphone amplifier from Pocket Rock-It for private listening.

Q: Are batteries needed to operate the headphones?
A: Yes, the preamp/headphone amp is powered by a 9-volt battery.

Q: Can the Escape EG-1 plug into any of my amps?
A: Yes, the Escape EG-1 has a standard 1×4 inch output that is used when wanting to amplify your guitar. The Pocket Rock-It headphone amplifier’s effects can also be used through your own amplifiers. NOTE: When not in use, please remember to turn the Pocket Rock-It headphone amplifier into the off position so that no battery power is wasted.

Q: Is the body and neck a solid piece of wood?
A: No, the Traveler Escape EG-1’s body is made of alder with a bolt-on maple neck.

Q: What kind of pick-ups are installed in the Escape EG-1?
A: The Escape EG-1 comes equipped with a standard full-size humbucker.

Q: Are there any moving parts on the Escape EG-1?
A: No, the Escape EG-1 has no movable parts. When you take it out of its gig bag, you are ready to play.

Q: Is the scale of the Escape EG-1 like my electric guitar?
A: Yes, the Escape EG-1 is a traditional full 25 1/2 inch scale.

Q: What accessories come with the Traveler Escape EG-1? A: The Escape EG-1 comes with a deluxe gig-bag, truss rod wrench, owner’s manual, and warranty card.

Traveler Guitar also makes travel basses and several other models of electric guitars.

MSRP: $685.99-Gold; $642.99-White (USD)

Compiled from a Treveler Guitar press release and information on their website:

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