Fender premieres WorldWide Band Jam

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-03-30)

Fender premieres WorldWide Band Jam

The concept of recording with other musicians over the Internet has been limited mostly to pros who can afford the time and connections. Now Fender and eJamming have partnered to offer an affordable option for the rest of us, WorldWide Band Jam.

By signing up for a free trial of eJamming Audiio software, users will be able to jam live with musicians anywhere in the world who also sign up -- and to win a Fender American Standard Strat and G-DEC 3 amplifier. Here are the basics:

* Play / Record / Rehearse with other Musicians LIVE Online
* Pristine High Fidelity Audio puts you "in the room" together
* Ultra Fast Audio Streaming / Lowest Latency Possible Feels "Tight"
* Collaborate Anywhere: Cross-Town, Cross-Country, Cross-Continents
* Meet and Network Instantly with Musicians Globally
* Build Songs Track by Track LIVE with up to 3 Other Musicians in a Virtual Recording Studio
* Connect Your Guitar to Your G-DEC 3 and Connect to the World on eJamming AUDiiO
* 30 Day FREE Trial
* After your Free Trial, a subscription to connect over Band Jam costs $9.95 / month or $24.95 / quarter (Save $20/year) or $89.95 / year (like getting 3 months FREE).

Those who sign up for a free, 30-day trial of the software are automatically entered in a sweepstakes to win a Fender American Standard Strat and the new G-DEC 3 Fender amp.

For details on entering the contest, visit www.fender.com/promos/2010/ejamming/

Fender American Standard Strat features:

# A new bridge with improved bent-steel saddles and a copper-infused high-mass block for increased resonance and sustain.
# A new neck treatment—tinted for a richer presentation, with the maple or rosewood fingerboard buffed to a high gloss. The back of the neck still has that silky satin finish.
# A thinner finish undercoat that lets the body breathe and improves resonance.
# A new Fender-exclusive SKB molded case.
# Two beautiful new finish options, Sienna Sunburst and Blizzard Pearl.

Fender G-DEC 3 amp features:

The G-DEC 3 is an amazing, great-sounding new amp for practicing and recording. Packed with features, it includes digital amp and effects models for every playing style, 100 presets—many created by the world’s top artists and session aces, and a huge collection of music to practice and play over. Includes Fender FUSE™ software—your key to creating, connecting and configuring your G-DEC 3. Create your own arsenal of guitar tones, then experience the G-DEC 3’s fantastic play-along capabilities. Many of its dozens of backing tracks were recorded by the world’s finest players—from L.A. to London and Nashville to New York; from rock to blues to Latin to metal; from top studio musicians to famous rock stars. The G-DEC 3 Fifteen also boasts onboard mp3 and wav file storage and playback; a multi-function SD card slot for unlimited storage of presets and audio content; Ableton® Live Lite 8 Fender Edition studio-quality recording software for creating and editing additional backing track content; and AmpliTube® Fender LE software for practicing, playing and recording with classic Fender tones on your computer.

Compiled from information on the Fender website: www.fender.com.

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