Aguilar offers Jazz bass replacement pickups

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-04-06)

Aguilar offers Jazz bass replacement pickups

Best known for its bass amplification and effects pedals, Aguilar Amplification announces the the AG 4-J “60’s” single-coil bass pickups designed as replacments for Fender Jazz BAss®-style four-string basses.

The Aguilar AG 4-J pickups are designed to have both clarity and warmth and will reproduce all of the dynamics and nuances in your playing.

This pickup set is modeled after a mid 60’s single-coil Jazz Bass® pickup. The AG 4-J uses all the period correct parts, including Heavy Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets. Aguilar developed a proprietary winding pattern to give these pickups great string-to-string consistency while sounding full and articulate. The pickups complement any bass and are a great match with Aguilar’s OBP on-board preamps.

Available as a calibrated neck and bridge pickup set (also available separately) for four string basses. Both, the AG 4-J single pickups and sets are direct replacements for Jazz Bass® style basses.

The AG-4J pickup set is for four string basses and is a direct replacement in Jazz Bass® style basses. Single Neck and Bridge pickups are also available.

MSRP $199 USD for a set of bridge & neck pickups.

Aguilar Amplification is dedicated to using superior engineering processes to make advanced musical tools for bass players. We believe that our products contribute greatly to the voice of the instrument. The bass, amplifier and cabinet all function together as one.

At Aguilar we approach every product that we manufacture with a real world, “musical” understanding. Because we are bass players as well as engineers, we can visualize gear from the musician’s perspective.

After only a little more than a decade of operation, Aguilar amplifiers and cabinets can be found on stages and in studios around the world. We’re proud to have contributed to the tone and feeling of countless great bass performances and recordings.


As a busy New York session bassist, David Boonshoft recorded in many high-end studios throughout the 90’s. After deciding what features he liked and didn’t like about various pieces of gear, Boonshoft decided to commission talented NYC engineer, Alex Aguilar, to work with him on building a high quality preamp for his own personal use. Since the preamp was so useful Boonshoft and Aguilar decided to put it into production as the DB 680 and in 1995, Aguilar Amplification was born.

Compiled from infomation on the Aguilar wesbite:

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