TC Electronic unveils Nova Repeater delay pedal

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-05-05)

TC Electronic unveils Nova Repeater delay pedal

The new Nova Repeater from TC Electronic is 'no-frills-with-a-sound-that-kills' delay pedal. It is the must-have pedal for demanding guitarists who live by the 'ready-set-rock' mentality of the modern music industry but want their delay sounds to be as classy as they are unique…

Nova Repeater has the same great sound quality that made the Nova Delay, the first-choice delay pedal for Paul Gilbert, Doug Aldrich, Nils Lofgren and Allen Hinds. The pedal features six delays types, mono in and stereo out, a dedicated tap-tempo switch, audio tapping and a 'Killdry' switch. It also sports a handy multi-function pot, enabling you to personalise your sound with a range of chorus and vibrato effects – great for U2-style ethereal effects or the emulation of tape wow and flutter.

Turning the modulation pot clockwise will gradually add more chorus, while turning it counter-clockwise will add increasing amounts of vibrato. That's right – vibrato has been added to Nova Repeater, an inclusion resulting from feedback from our dedicated guitar effects user base.

Nova Repeater has two inputs matched for instrument and line level signals, meaning the pedal works equally well in front of an amp or in an effects loop and features up to 1200ms delay times.

Nova Repeater also features dedicated settings for studio, analog and tape echo sounds, with a brand-new and advanced tone control that allows you to fine-tune how extreme the chosen effects are. That way it becomes simple to meticulously adjust the delay sound further so Nova Repeater always delivers exactly what you are looking for, but the initial set-up is quick, intuitive and musical.

The FX Level pot on Nova Repeater only adjusts the delay level without messing with your dry tone. This means no more annoying level drops when engaging your delay. Nova Repeater features six delay subdivisions. First off there is a brand new dual delay type that's been requested by numerous users: Combined 1/4 notes and 1/8 is guaranteed to quickly give you those classic 80s L.A. studio sounds.

Finally, Nova Repeater features a comprehensive set of tap tempo and audio tapping features. In fact, Nova Repeater is the only pedal in this price range to feature a dedicated tap tempo switch, and the audio tapping is the same as that found on Nova Delay, so allows you to set the tempo with your playing. All delay subdivisions work in conjunction with these tap tempo and audio tapping features.

The Nova Repeater delay retails at USD $149.99 and will ship starting April 2009.

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