Pendulum now endorsing Rotosound strings

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-05-10)

Pendulum now endorsing Rotosound strings

Rotosound are delighted to announce that bassist Gareth McGrillen and guitarist Peredur ap Gwynedd (pictured) of the high octane phenomenon that is Pendulum are the latest to join their prestigious endorsee list.

Pendulum are renown for presenting their dance sound with heaps of rock attitude combined with loads of electronic influences. They make successful music which defies categorization challenging every rule in the music production book. Formed during 2002 by three musicians from Western Australia with similar visions and musical backgrounds, Pendulum’s mission has always been to pull together their production resources, ideas and influences from various styles of music, to create a new sound that they felt was missing from dance music. The individual members behind Pendulum have been active in Perth’s live music scene for several years: producer / vocalist / keyboardist Rob Swire and producer / bassist Gareth McGrillen played together in the acclaimed Perth band Xygen, while Paul ‘El Hornet’ Harding had been a veteran of the Perth DJ scene.

The Pendulum sound mixes synths, MCs & drums with conventional guitars. Gareth McGrillien, bass player and founder member of the band uses Nexus coated and Swing Bass strings. Rotosound launched the innovative Nexus strings in 2009 after extensive research to develop a special black polymer coating helping to prevent contamination and corrosion, significantly extending the life of the strings. Their Swing Bass strings were launched in 1962 and initially brought to fame by being used by Who bassist John Entwistle. Chris Squire's use of Rotosound Swing Bass 66 strings on his Rickenbacker Rose Morris bass on 1971's "Fragile" turned the heads of listeners everywhere and brought bass to the forefront as not only a supporting but a melodic instrument. They remain one of the most popular bass strings ever being used by many of the greatest bass players from Paul McCartney to John Paul Jones.

Peredur ap Gwynedd uses Rotosound British Steels 10's and 11's. Their British Steels range was re-launched last year and is based on the Original classic Rotosound Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings from the 1960's. Their original stainless steel strings already have a pedigree second to none and were used by Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend, Brian May and many others.

Pendulum release their new album "Immersion" in May 2010 and will tour the UK & Ireland to support it.

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From a Rotosound press release.

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