Denon's new DN-F400 helps take the oops! out of school sports, theater sound

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-05-21)

Denon's new DN-F400 helps take the oops! out of school sports, theater sound

Every school administrator’s nightmare: just before an assembly begins, instead of “The Star Spangled Banner,” the auditorium gets a taste of “Welcome to the Jungle.” Every college football coach’s nightmare: you’re on defense and the opposing quarterback takes the snap, but the music over the P.A. system continues to play, drawing the home team defenders a 15-yard interference penalty.

These and other common digital disasters can be completely eliminated thanks to the new DN-F400 / Solid State Audio Playback System from Denon® Professional. From the National Anthem to routine announcements, the DN-F400 system is designed to deliver dependability in critical applications where the audio runs continuously or must be triggered at a moment’s notice. From schools, theme parks and shopping malls, to hospitals, hotels, airports and train stations, the DN-F400 is ideal for use in public facilities requiring continuous-playback, repeated-programmed audio messaging or quickly triggered announcements.

The optional RC-F400S Remote Controller features a large LCD display and ergonomically designed control panel, including 20 hot buttons for instant playback of audio or sound effects. When used together, the DN-F400/RC-F400S solid-state audio combo is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to high-priced sound FX playback systems and outdated CART players, CD or MiniDisc units for radio, television, sporting events, theater and other real-time performance applications.

Schools, which have multiple departments, each with their own repeating audio needs, can particularly benefit from the advantages of the DN-F400. Thanks to the DN-F400’s use of the cost-effective SD and SDHC card formats, users can store up to 999 files per 32GB card, and each department can have its own school system content-approved cards that keep their particular audio files ready to play at the touch of a button. And the large LCD display on the RC-400S remote control allows users to clearly name up to 20 files and assign them to hot buttons that will instantly start each audio file from the beginning, every time.

The DN-F400 brings affordable consistency to public announcements and helps schools maintain compliance with district and state regulations. Louisiana, for instance, requires certain public service announcements be made through the P.A. systems at all school sports events. Instead of lost scripts or damaged discs, the DN-F400 delivers the exact audio needed without fail, every time.

The DN-F400 plays mono and stereo uncompressed WAV (44.1/48kHz) and MP3 files; has an easy-to-operate tape-recorder type control panel; balanced (Phoenix-type) and unbalanced audio outputs; external RS-232c and GPIO controls; bright and easy-to-read OLED display; and simple, intuitive operation. No complex, multi-tiered menus to page through – its rear-panel DIP switches offer simple, one-time setup, with features like Continuous Play with Repeat or Power-On Auto Play modes for hassle-free, dedicated installations, and the DN-F400 is designed for dependable, long-term reliability and performance. The Denon DN-F400 has street price of $499 USD.

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