Steinberg's Nuendo 5 set to ship with new features

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-05-24)

Steinberg's Nuendo 5 set to ship with new features

Steinberg's latest software solution for post, live and audio production, Nuendo 5, will begin shipping in early June 2010. With dedicated ADR tools, enhanced mixing and routing options, surround sound capabilities plus a wealth of new and refined tools, Nuendo 5 boasts unprecedented flexibility, with a key focus on production workflow.

New features include an integrated ADR toolset for spotting and organizing recording takes as well as the brand-new video engine with overall improvements in performance and usability. The practical Clip Packages feature allows for organizing clusters of audio clips as one clip package file, and Wave Meters enables the user to view waveforms of audio events directly from within the mixer window. Nuendo 5 also holds a new generation of VST3 plug-ins and has seen major refinements to many of its well-touted tools, such as the mixer, MediaBay, VST Bridge, and Crossfade Editor to name but a few.

Nuendo 5 is the world’s number one in native audio post-production, with a superior feature set that surpasses all your expectations. It includes tools that allow an ADR-like workflow, including EDL support. Not only does Nuendo 5 come with excellent surround features, but also provides a unique automatable bus-destination routing system that lets you create different mix versions in one go. A new video engine guarantees stable video playback, and the ability to work with multi-mono files means industry openness. An array of additional enhancements and 64-bit technologies boost performance and enables Nuendo 5 to handle large projects.

Highlights of What’s New in Nuendo 5

* Nuendo 5 comes with a wealth of features made for film and TV editors, mixers and video game sound designers. An important part of the day-to-day work in audio post-production is the recording of audio content that needs to be synchronized to the picture.

* Nuendo 5 allows the engineer to comprehensively spot and organize recording takes, such as for multiple roles by using a flexible marker track system. All marker tracks can be sorted and filtered in the marker window, which helps the user to keep the overview on the project. Nuendo 5 also reads CMX 3600 EDL lists provided by the video editor as well as exported and imported CSV formatted spotting and ADR lists.

*The new native video engine of Nuendo 5 is based on QuickTime. Not only does it provide better performance but also the ability to play out videos in real time via FireWire, now also on Windows. The new video settings panel complements this top feature.

* Clip Packages allow you to organize clusters of audio clips as one clip package file. After choosing an individual selection of audio files within the project in any constellation it can be saved as a handy package for later use. Clip Packages can be inserted to any other point in the project, archived in the MediaBay and can also be ported to another workstation, if needed.

* Enhanced compatibility with Pro Tools audio files With Nuendo 5 it’s easy to be industry compatible. For example, dual-mono tracks from Pro Tools can easily be converted to stereo interleaved files for an effective working in Nuendo 5. Edits and fades within the audio material will be retained. An option to split interleaved tracks and files to obtain multi-mono tracks is also provided.

* A new generation of plug-ins

Nuendo 5 is scheduled to begin shipping in the first week of June 2010.

From a Steinberg press release.

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