Shure helps Sound Driver play world's highest rock concert

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-05-26)

Shure helps Sound Driver play world's highest rock concert

Indie-Rock band Sound Driver is midway through a very unusual world tour. The musicians are visiting some of the world's most iconic venues as a way of raising awareness for children’s charity The Smile Train. To date they've played at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and even broke a World Record on Mount Kilimanjaro. Upcoming stops on the “Chasing Rainbows” tour include The Great Wall Of China, Niagara Falls, and Dubai's Burj al Arab hotel.

Successfully negotiating such a demanding schedule requires gear that's compact and lightweight for easy portability, but also solid and reliable enough to deliver quality sound, no matter what the conditions throw at you. So when it came to wireless in-ear personal monitoring, wireless microphones, and all of the tour's PA needs, tour manager David Spillane knew that he needed gear with a track record for both quality and reliability.

Shure has been one of the main sponsors of the Chasing Rainbows Tour, providing all five band members with wireless in-ear personal monitoring (PSM600 receivers and transmitters) systems to ensure superb sound quality, no matter what the venue. The wireless systems have proven to be crucial to the band’s performances.

Shure also provided a UHF-R® wireless system for lead singer Chad Marriott - something he finds essential due to its superb sound quality.

For reproducing the sound, QSC K8 active loudspeakers have been a smashing success. The rugged loudspeakers were compact and light enough for the band to carry up Mount Kilimanjaro, yet powerful enough to deliver full, crisp sound courtesy of the 1000W Class D amplifiers that power the QSC K8's dual drivers.

"Shure is a globally recognized brand,” noted Spillane. “Along with the global nature of The Chasing Rainbows Tour, this makes them a perfect brand partner. Shure products always perform at the level we expect - and even more so with the extra demands of this tour."

"We're delighted to have been able to help the band with this incredible achievement," said Peter James, Managing Director of Shure Distribution UK. "It's challenging enough to just climb Kilimanjaro, but gigging when you reach the summit takes an extra special effort and massive determination. Shure and QSC products are tested to extremes so we were happy to provide the band with microphones, PA, and monitoring gear that were up to the task."

From a press release.

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