NAMM Helps out with Flood Relief in Nashville

(ShackMan | Posted 2010-06-02)

NAMM Helps out with Flood Relief in Nashville

Nashville has been hit with the worst flooding in 70 years since the Cumberland River reached 12-feet above flood level. Take a second to read that again and realize that that means that Nashville reached flood conditions and then the river rose another 12 feet. So the NAMM corporation is trying to save some of the city as well as their own convention that's set to kick off in just over two weeks in the heart of the city where repairs are still going on.

First off, NAMM estimates the convention will bring $13 million to the local economy, so first and foremost they plan to go ahead with the convention, which will still begin on June 18th and end June 20th.

Second, NAMM will host a MusiCares booth which will feature a silent auction of instruments to benefit those affected by the Nashville flooding. MusiCares was started in 1989 to support musicians and their families in times of need, covering medical, financial and personal emergencies. For more information on just how much MusiCares does, visit their website at 100% of the proceeds from this booth will benefit the flood victims.

NAMM will also host a donation booth run by the Nashville Musicians' Association, AFM Local 257, where anyone can donate instruments, accessories, or whatever gear can be spared. All donations should be in undamaged and usable condition. If you won't be attending but still would like to donate, don't worry, the NMA is taking donation through their website at

Last but not least, all of the aforementioned organizations are working together with NAMM along with American Songwriter magazine and Next Big Nashville on a project called "The BIG Gear Giveback" in which NAMM vendors, gear companies and compassionate musicians will have the opportunity to donate any gear to working musicians who have lost the tools of their trade due to flood damage. To celebrate and pay host to this event, NAMM will feature a special concert at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville on June 18th. As a special thank you from NAMM, any donors will receive a special wristband allowing them to attend NAMM for "Wanna Play Music? Sunday," a series of special events I wrote about here:

"Our prayers and support continue to go out to the people of Nashville who have been affected by this natural disaster," said Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM. "For years, the Nashville community has embraced NAMM and our members with great Southern hospitality and open arms. And now, when they need help the most, our industry is grateful for the opportunity to give back."

And it's a worthwhile opportunity indeed. While this is a good start, it won't be enough to undo the damage that's been done. Nashville residents have been forced to become a more resilient breed over the past month. Be thankful that you don't have to go through this and make a donation; make this a little easier for those less fortunate than you.

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To find out more information on NAMM and how to donate, please visit

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