iTab Electronic Songbook offers scrolling chords, lyrics at the end of your guitar neck

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-06-05)

iTab Electronic Songbook offers scrolling chords, lyrics at the end of your guitar neck

If you're a guitarist/singer who lives in fear of forgetting chords or lyrics and thus resorts to having a music stand onstage, a new device literally puts help at the end of your guitar neck.

The iTab Electronic Songbook is a pocket-sized digital prompter that clamps to your guitar's headstock, then scrolls chords and lyrics in time at a tempo you choose. iTab offers users a large downloadable library of backing tracks and legal guitar tabs, tracks, and lessons online.

With 4GB of memory, the iTab offers plenty of storage for songs and more that can be organized into playlists. iTab also offers free video guitar tutorials and will make every guitar player’s life that little bit easier, and playing more fun.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned session player, the iTab will sit quietly at the end of your guitar scrolling lyrics and chords waiting patiently for the moment that you blank going into the third verse, or you just forget the chords for the bridge.

Remove the stage clutter of music stands and the sometimes impossible task of changing sheet music pages while playing by using iTab.

The device weighs 0.3 pounds, has a 5-inch touchscreen, a built-in speaker, and includes headphones, a stylus for data access, a USB and a carrying pouch.

The iTab also comes with free guitar music for 30 songs like U2's "Beautiful Day," The Rolling Stones' "Jumping Jack Flash" and Oasis' "Wonderwall." The iTab includes TV-out cables that allow you can play synchronized chords, lyrics, and backing tracks through your TV for karaoke sessions.

* 4GB memory (2,500 songs)
* 100 cover videos
* 200 backing tracks
* Plays MP3 and MP4 formats
* Instructional videos (free) available online
* Downloadable cover songs dfrom the tabstore

The iTab has street price of $199.99. Fro more information and demo videos, visit the iTab channel on Youtube:

From information available on the iTab website:

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