Blue Microphones Announces the Blue Pro Drum Kit Kit

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-06-18)

Blue Microphones Announces the Blue Pro Drum Kit Kit

Inspired by the legendary three-mic drum recording technique made famous by bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who and Rolling Stones, Blue Microphones is announcing the Blue Pro Drum Kit Kit. Consisting of two Blue’s Dragonfly microphones and a Mouse microphone, these three mics were strategically chosen to capture a complete sonic spectrum of a full-bodied live recording session.

Skipper Wise, the founder of Blue Microphones, emphasizes that the goal is to offer a one-stop drum mic’ing solution while enabling audio engineers to add some extraordinary tools to their mic collection. “Some of the best drum recordings ever made used this mic’ing technique.” he states.

While the Dragonfly mics help beef up thin signal sources, boost the upper bass frequencies and give cymbals a live and smooth timbre, the Mouse microphone handles loud signal sources such as the kick drum, accentuating deep bass frequencies.

This the recommended way of how to use this kit:

The two Dragonfly mics should be used as overheads, one placed in front of the drummer on the top center of the snare, about 40” above that drum pointing down between the kick and rack toms, the other is positioned on the right of the drummer, about 6” above the floor tom, pointing across the top of the snare towards the hi-hat. To avoid phasing issues, placing both mics above the drum kit is not recommended.

The Mouse microphone should be about 15” in front of the kick drum.

The Pro Drum Kit Kit comes with mount shocks for each microphone, in a custom-made ATA flight case with padded interior. Blue Mics is also sending enclosed with this kit a $10 rebate for the new enCORE 100i, designed specially to capture instrumental sounds. The enCORE 100i will soon be available on the market and can be used to augment the three-mic recording technique.

The Blue Pro Drum Kit Kit will be on the market on July 25, 2010 for a price of $1999 at Sweetwater, Guitar Center, Musician’s Friend and authorized retailers.

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