New Snares And Throw-Off System From DW

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-06-29)

New Snares And Throw-Off System From DW

DW recently announced four new beautifully built high-end snares to their Collector’s Series line. Two of them are wooden shell snare drums, each one offering a few wood construction options for your drum customization. A steel shell snare drum with brass finish and a hybrid snare, consisting of a metal alloy ring on top of a wooden shell, similar to the DW's EDGE snare already in the market, but without the bottom metal ring.

Here is a quick overview on these DW new additions:

Top Edge (Metal/Wood Shell) -
Retail Price: From $1199 to $1699.
Sound: Big, articulated and responsive.
Features: Heavy-gauge alloy Edge ring at the top and X-Shell 10-ply maple below. The Edge ring is available in chrome or gold. Wood Section is available in any Custom Shop Finish.
Availability: 5x12", 6x12", 7x12", 5x13", 6x13", 7x13", 5x14", 6x14", 7x14".

Super Solid Edge (Wood Shell) - pictured above
Retail Price: From $1499 to $1699.
Features: Three-piece solid wood shell available in a 3/8”, ½” or ¾” thickness. Can be customized by mixing and matching Maple, Walnut, Red Oak, and Cherry rings.
Availability: 5x12", 5x13", 5x14", 6x12", 6x13", 6x14", 7x12", 7x13", 7x14".

Solid-Stave (Wood Shell) –
Retail Price: $999
Sound: High-end frequencies and sensitivity are enhanced by its internal lacquered finish. Dark overall tone.
Features: Offered in Oak with a Natural Lacquer finish, Ash in an Ebony Stain Lacquer and Para wood with a Walnut Stain Lacquer finish, each can be customized in any of five drum hardware plating choices.
Availability: 5.5x14".

Vintage Steel (Metal Shell) -
Retail Price: From $749 to $799.
Sound: bright, loud, and resonant.
Features: Thick rolled 5 mm steel shells with a unique ribbed exterior. Available in Vintage Copper and Vintage Brass, each can be customized in any Custom Shop drum hardware color.
Availability: 5.5x14", 6.5x14".

DW also came out with a new MAG Throw-Off System. Consisting of the MAG drop throw-off that features a magnetic drop-style mechanism with horizontal strainer adjustment and 3P (three position) butt plate that allows drummers to quickly select three wire tensions with the flick of a lever. This new system is available in all five Custom Shop hardware offerings. The side-to-side Delta ball-bearing throw-off is still available upon request.

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