Primacoustic releases IsoTools studio solutions

(Dave Molter | Posted 2010-07-02)

Primacoustic releases IsoTools studio solutions

Isolation of sound in the studio and even in live venues is critical for the best overall sonic picture, and it's often a difficult task with today's high volume levels.

For over 10 years Primacoustic's new IsoTool™ range has addressed many unique acoustic attenuation and isolation problems that are common where capturing pristine sound is essential.

Whether isolating vocals with Voxguard, reducing mic stand vibrations with TriPad, or incorporating an iPhone or iPod Touch into your stage set-up with TelePad. See below for more details on each of the five products in the new range.

Peter James, Shure Distribution Managing Director, said: "At Shure Distribution we strive to partner with companies that are pushing boundaries and innovating for recording and performing musicians. Primacoustic has been at the forefront of acoustic treatments for many years, and this latest range shows that they're still right on top of their game."

Peter Janis, President of Primacoustic added: "We're delighted with this new range of products. Primacoustic is already a byword for innovation, and this latest range can only improve the quality of sound right across the board, from studio or location recording through to live sound and spoken word."

The new IsoTool™ range in full:

A high performance ambient noise attenuator, Voxguard (Pictured: $120 USD MSRP)designed to mount on a microphone stand and surround a recording microphone, to help control the sound from entering the microphone by minimising the reflections in the room.

Crashguard ($40 USD MSRP) is designed to shield a drum mic and attenuate the sound of cymbals during recording. Small enough so that it will not get in the way and durable enough to sustain repeated abuse from drummers.

The TriPad ($25 USD MSRP)is a tripod mic stand isolator designed to prevent vibrations from the stage and floor from entering the mic. By decoupling the mic stand from the floor, the TriPad can significantly reduce the resonance created by drums, bass, foot-falls. Fits all popular tripod mic stands.

The KickStand ($90 USD MSRP) is a microphone boom stand isolator designed to eliminate resonance vibrations from the stage, drum riser and studio floor from entering the mic. The KickStand helps eliminate resonance by both decoupling the mic stand from the source, and introducing a stabilising mass to hold the microphone in place

Designed for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch, TelePad ($35 USD MSRP)allows the on-stage musician to position this 'application-rich marvel' right on the microphone stand so that it can be used as a teleprompter for lyrics, song chords, playback, charts and set list. TelePad can be used for portrait and landscape viewing.

The new IsoTool™ range is available now from Shure Distribution. For more details head to:

About Primacoustic
Primacoustic is a manufacturer of acoustic materials of all types with over 30 years experience in studio and live sound and 15 years in acoustics. With products ranging from the Studio in a Box and Ceiling and Wall Systems to Recoil Stabilisers, the Primacoustic line offers an easily adaptable solution that installs effortlessly and looks professional in any monitoring environment. Primacoustic materials can be used for a home studio, a production room, a small commercial outfit, an educational facility or even a conference room or lecture theatre where clarity of voice might be a concern.
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