Miktek Introduces the MPA-201 Dual Channel Microphone Preamplifier

(AlexV | Posted 2010-07-02)

Miktek Introduces the MPA-201 Dual Channel Microphone Preamplifier

The Miktek MPA-201 Dual Channel, Class A Microphone Preamplifier provides a pristine signal path with a sweet and linear response that will please the most sophisticated listeners. With 70dB of gain, 48-volt phantom power and variable impedance selector, the MPA-201 will highlight and enhance the sound of most any microphone. Each channel boasts a large analog VU meter than can be switched from input to output making it easy to set a good level. The MPA-201 also features a phase switch and variable high pass filter, which allows you to reduce unwanted low frequencies in your recording and helps reduce stage rumble in live sound applications.

I spoke with Miktek designer Shannon Rhoades at Summer NAMM where he seemed really excited about their new products. This preamp was something to be proud of in Shannon’s mind, having worked on many of Miktek’s products from design to production.

The MPA-201 preamplifier features discrete transistors and six Miktek custom transformers, which produce a quality sound you would normally expect only from a vintage piece. The preamplifier features direct inputs on each channel, through a dedicated transformer, for recording instruments like guitar, bass and keyboards. Do you like to record your guitar or bass with an effects pod or plug-in’s? Plug into the MPA-201 first to capture that big studio sound far beyond what’s possible with a standard audio interface. Perfect for adding a world-class signal path in front of your digital recordings, the MPA-201 is a must for any serious recordist.

- Class A Discreet Vintage Design
- Sweet Sound From Custom Design Transformers
- Linear response 1dB down at 10Hz and 1 dB down at 20kHz
- 48 volt Phantom Power
- Vairable High-Pass Filter
- Phase Switch
- Impedance sector allows for 300, 600, or 1200 Ohm load.
- Direct Input with separate input transformer
- Large Meters switchable to display input and output levels
- +4 XLR balanced outputs plust -10dB 1/4" output allow you to send to direct monitor
- Rear Panel Insert send and receive jacks
- Heavy duty metal construction with steel chassis and milled aluminum front panel finished in an attractive silver.

The Miktek MPA-201 Preamp is currently under production and the release date is to be announced. We are hoping to receive a unit for review upon completion along with a few other Miktek’s latest products. Miktek recently released three new condenser microphones as well. It is also rumored that they may be working on a full line of processors for studio and live applications.

About Miktek

At Miktek, we're dedicated to the pursuit of superior sound captured through microphones. Inspired by the iconic mics of the past, our engineering team has developed capsules and unique circuits to capture that elusive, classic sound. Incorporating the very latest in audio technology, our microphone designs are approved by some of the world’s most acclaimed recording engineers.

Miktek's proprietary capsules feature ultra thin Mylar diaphragms with evaporated gold and are manufactured to tight tolerances for unparalleled quality. Precise machining of the backplates, along with careful consideration of internal acoustic properties, assures the pristine performance of every microphone.

Our choice of AMI Transformers and our meticulous hand-selection of transistors guarantee that our custom capsules are matched with head-amplifiers of impeccable electronic performance. Unique innovations such as the C7’s variable capsule bias voltage - along with variable pattern selection, high-pass filters and pad switches – make Miktek microphones indispensable creative tools for any serious recordist. Attention to detail is everywhere…right down to gold-plated XLR pins and robust, flexible shock-mounting hardware.

As important to us as the audio performance is the feeling an artist gets when they step up to the mic…which is why every Miktek microphone is an esthetic pleasure to use as well. We’ve put considerable thought into the correct packaging and each microphone is shipped in a beautiful wooden case - as you would expect of any precision audio instrument.

We use high quality hand selected components from the US, Europe and Asia and hand assemble each microphone in our own factory located in Nashville, Tennessee. We really care about sound, and you do, too. So, step up to Miktek and listen to what you can really record.

For more information please visit www.miktekaudio.com

From a press realease – Preliminary Information – NAMM January 2010

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