Electro Harmonix 44 Magnum Power Amp

(MattG | Posted 2010-07-03)

Electro Harmonix 44 Magnum Power Amp

Electro Harmonix released yet another cool toy in effects pedal form. The 44 Magnum Power Amp comes in the concise, single effect pedal size. The new toy does exactly as the name suggests. It is a power amp that supplies 44 watts of clean power into 8 or 16 ohms. The little pedal was powering a 4X10 cab in the demonstration room at NAMM and having no trouble at all, and it was right along with all the other effects in the chain.

Not only does it provide clean power it can offer true amplifier overdrive. It has a switch that lets you select normal or bright. The normal setting gives a flat clean sound and the bright gives a nice top end boost. It has one single knob for volume which makes the pedal exceedingly easy to use. I especially like the bulls eye with the LED in the center. Many have called it a guitar head that fits in the palm of your hand, minus EQ of course. The little pedal takes a special 24VDC adaptor which is included. This is a great pedal to have on your pedal board. You can leave your head at home for practice and power your cab without it.

Quick Specs

-44 watts of power into 8 or 16 ohms
-Tone switch toggles between a neutral, flat setting and a Musical top end boost
-Maximum headroom potential
-Can be driven to a natural, true amplifier saturation
-Fits in the palm of your hand
-Comes with a 24DC-3000 power supply

The 44 Magnum Power amp wonít be available until mid July and it isnít clear what the price will be just yet. The smaller 22 Caliber power amp has a street price of $106.50 so I imagine street on the 44 will be somewhere between $150 and $180.

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