Announcing the MXL USB-77: Classic, Deco-Era Design

(AlexV | Posted 2010-07-06)

Announcing the MXL USB-77:  Classic, Deco-Era Design

MXL, the professional audio division of Marshall Electronics, demoed the new MXL USB-77, the industry’s first classic-style USB microphone at this year’s Winter NAMM. The USB-77 gives vocalists, musicians, broadcasters and podcasters the look, sound and feel of a vintage microphone with all the conveniences of today’s USB technology.

Designed specifically for recording directly to a desktop or laptop with popular programs like Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic, GarageBand, Skype, and Reaper, the MXL USB- 77 is a professional, CD-level quality, cardioid condenser studio microphone with the look and feel of a 1940’s era ribbon. “The USB-77 serves up all the conveniences of USB technology but adds style that has been missing from USB mics,” explains Jim Mona, MXL’s National Sales Manager. “It’s not just for looks, either—this mic outperforms typical USB mics on all types of recordings.”

Features of the MXL USB-77 that go above and beyond ordinary USB mics include a gold-sputtered diaphragm and large 32 mm capsule for studio-level quality sound. An analog gain control dial can be used to manipulate the sound level of your recording to maximize the quality of your performance, and the USB-77 includes a 1/8-inch stereo headphone with high quality amplifier so users can monitor their recordings without latency issues.

The MXL USB-77 interfaces with Windows and Macintosh computers without the need for any special drivers. As a USB device, it carries the added benefit of not requiring an external microphone preamp, as is the case with most cardioid condenser microphones. The MXL USB-77 includes a carrying case, desktop microphone stand and mounting ring, USB cable, and cleaning cloth.

As with all MXL USB microphones, the MXL USB-77 will work with MXL’s USB Recorder which is free for download on the MXL website. This software is designed to simulate a two-track analog or digital recorder (DAT) for true CD and high fidelity quality recording on a portable or desktop PC. The new software doesn't require any special set-up. It’s just a matter of pushing RECORD or PLAY.

In addition to getting high quality sound in the home studio, it's also a very exciting tool for podcasting, multimedia, news and broadcast applications using portable computers for field recording of concerts, lectures, or even documenting outdoor sounds in full fidelity for film and TV backgrounds.

The software always displays the input and output devices so the user can easily monitor their hardware. The software is always fixed at 44.1/16-bit mono or stereo, which shows on the recording menu. A "Tape Loop" makes it convenient to continually replay a marked selection or play a particular segment for multimedia or a presentation. The audio is saved as a WAV file so it can be used on all computers and can easily be recorded to CD through any audio CD burning software.

MXL USB microphone and software products are designed to easily capture High-Fidelity sound through a computer without the need of complicated studio equipment and/or software that take too long for the average user to grasp and adjust.

The MXL USB-77 does not have a market release date and no pricing information is available. We are hoping to receive one of these units for review in the next few months so check back for release and pricing information.

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