Review: Pink Is The New Black For Vic Firthís 5A

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-07-06)

Review: Pink Is The New Black For Vic Firthís 5A

The 5A Pink drumsticks is one of two new releases by Vic Firth of their American Classic line for 2010. This new American Classic pair is not exactly new. Itís more like a different color suit for an old, well known character. The Vic Firthís 5A drumsticks are not only one of the most known sticks around the globe as they are actually set as a model for the drumstick industry. Iím sure youíve heard or read comparisons between Vic Firth 5As and any other similar drumsticks that were lighter, or a tad heavier, or slightly longer. This is not the first time that the American Classic 5A sticks get some new ďclothesĒ. Prior to pink, Vic Firth released this drumstick dressed in black, giving it an edgier and badass look. Now the edginess continues but with a more laid back and cool look. I guess donít have to say that these are a big buzz between the estrogen fueled drummers.

Continuing with the traditional 5A structure of Hickory wood, that enhances its durability and a tear drop shaped tip, this light stick is great for jazz and for those drummers with a more sensible and articulated approach to the kit. Producing a sharp and rich sound from drums and cymbals, this pair is super comfortable to play with, you might even forget you are holding them because of its small weight and slim body. What I really love about this pair is how easy and fast I can fly around my kit without losing the definition of every single hit I play, and this is just crucial if you want to the listeners understand what you are trying to accomplish in a certain intricate beat pattern. Itís just fantastic to have such control of a drumstick while getting a round, with great quality sound. You have to keep in mind that this pair wonít make you drums sound huge, if you try to, you will end up with a half stick in hands, hence, heavy hitters stay away from it, specially if you are conscious about your money spending. Like the American Classic 5As, this pair also has 16Ē in length and .565 in diameter.

If you are already a lover of the Vic Firthís 5As, donít hesitate to grab a few pairs of these. They not only will feel nice in your hands as they will make your hands look nice, I know, it sounds cheesy, but itís true. The 5A Pink is a cool, fun, new edgy look for the most traditional Vic Firth pair.

You can get these new dressed sticks at your local store for a price around $8. If they donít carry them, visit and order them online.

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