Two New Led Zeppelin Transcription Books For Drums

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-07-09)

Two New Led Zeppelin Transcription Books For Drums

Alfred Music Publishing is adding two new drums transcription books to their Led Zeppelin catalog, Led Zeppelin: Presence Platinum Drums and Led Zeppelin: In Through the Out Door Platinum Drums. Based on over 30 years of documentation, interview and recorded footage, these books deliver, with unprecedented accuracy, the history of one of classic rock’s greatest bands. With forewords of Guitar World magazine’s editor-in-chef Brad Tolinski, and vintage Zeppelin photographs, theses songbooks provide an accurate source for drummers who want to learn the genius behind Jonh Bonham’s grooves and fills on the band’s seventh and eighth studio albums. Drum notation keys are also included.

Released in 1976, Presence is the band’s seventh studio album. Besides being considered the darkest and most personal album of their career, it continued Zeppelin’s trend of reaching No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and Multi-Platinum status in the U.S.

Songs list: Achilles' Last Stand * For Your Life * Royal Orleans * Nobody’s Fault But Mine * Candy Store Rock * Hots on for Nowhere * Tea for One.
The eighth studio album, In Through the Out Door, released in 1979, showcases the most commercial side of the band and thus performed extremely well on numerous charts worldwide, as well as reaching Multi-Platinum status in three countries.

Songs list: In the Evening * South Bound Saurez * Fool in the Rain * Hot Dog * Carouselambra * All My Love * I'm Gonna Crawl.

You can order a copy of these books at for $19.99 each. Led Zeppelin’s I-V albums transcriptions books are also available.

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