Review: Go Kinetic With Vic Firth’s 5AKF

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-07-13)

Review: Go Kinetic With Vic Firth’s 5AKF

The 5A Kinetic Force is one of the new drumstick releases by Vic Firth in 2010. With a unique design aiming to help long hour playability while reducing fatigue, this pair really intrigued me. A dense metal pin added to the butt end of the stick is responsible for giving kinetic energy to this pair. Making the bottom a tad heavier, this pin will slightly increase the bounce of the stick every time you hit a drum or cymbal. You can definitely feel the extra “oomph” in your hands that results from this addition. Like the 5A American Classic, this pair features a Hickory wood body, tear drop shaped tip, 16” of length and a .565” diameter, which it will make your drum kit sound exactly like how a 5A does. The difference is in the feeling when you are holding it.

I really like how Vic Firth is always trying to tweak their well known sticks into variations, like the 5As, so they can help all drummers find their perfect pair. I had the chance to perform with the 5A Kinetic Force recently, and I think my only (minor) issue was to get used to the heavier bottom. As with any time you switch to a different pair, there is always an adaptation period that you have to go through, my frustration being entirely personal, not with the stick’s innovative design. Once you get used to them, you will definitely have fun. According to Vic Firth, these sticks can also help you play faster because of the kinetic force “boost” you are getting from them in use.

The Vic Firth 5A Kinetic Force can be pair you’ve always being looking for. If you are already an American Classic 5A user and are looking for some extra bounce response from a drumstick, grab a pair of these and enjoy.

Look for the 5AKF at your local drum store. In case they don’t carry them, visit to find out where you can buy them. This pair are priced around $10. The Kinetic Force drumsticks are also available in the 5B model.

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