Review: The Cleverly Designed DW 3500T Hi Hat Stand

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-07-14)

Review: The Cleverly Designed DW 3500T Hi Hat Stand

If you play with a double kick pedal, you know how annoying it can be to fit your standard hi hat stand next to the left kick pedal (in case you do play with the hats on your left side) -- not only will the hi hat pedal will sit a little farther away from its normal position, but the cymbals themselves will too! This simple difference of distance between where you sit and where your hat cymbals stand knocks you off your regular balance, slightly shifts your preferred comfortable position behind the kit and forces a re-evaluation of style and drumming technique. DW put some thought into this very common problem and has a solution: a 2-legged hi hat stand. The 3500T is one of them.

This cleverly designed and well-built piece of drum hardware comes with some nice features:

  • A locking clutch that keeps your top hat tight and in place throughout your performance
  • A bearing link connector which connects the footboard chain to the pull rod for reduced friction and increased sensitivity that allows you to adjust the pedalís tension
  • 2 options of upper rods (21 inches and 15 inches) best for finding the desired height for your hats
  • A hinged memory lock at the tube joints and the lateral cymbal seat that allows a fast adjustment of the bottom hat angle.

    Something that slightly bothered me was the folding footboard design. Besides giving a very strong foundation to this piece and versatility when taking it to the road, the four screws that attach the footboard to the main spine of the stand are easy to lose when you are assembling and dissembling this stand every single night. They also can make assembly a little time consuming. Maybe if somehow the screws were built-in so they could be part of the spine and didnít require a drum key to tight them, it could help simplify a drummerís set-up.

    Besides this small detail, I think this hi hat stand is a very good buy. It's built with great quality and sold at a very affordable price considering its smart enhancements and features. I had the chance to tour playing with the 5500TD hi hat stand and the only difference between these two DW stands is that the 3500T has a slightly slimmer foot pedal and its price is normally $100 less than the 5500TD.

    The DW 3500T Hi Hat Stand is currently priced at $109.95. Visit for more information about their 3000 hardware line.

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