SpeedCobra, New Kick Pedal by TAMA

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-07-15)

SpeedCobra, New Kick Pedal by TAMA

Presented at Summer NAMM and recently available in the market, the SpeedCobra is the new kick drum pedal by TAMA Drums. Conceptualized to cover the two most important features desired in a kick pedal, power and speed, the SpeedCobra comes with a series of new innovations.

  • Fast Foot- Designed to have a longer footboard than Iron Cobra, it rapidly accelerates the power and speed of the beater stroke, with less physical effort than ever before. Additionally, the smoother playing surface reduces friction between your foot and the footboard, allowing more precise control and flexibility.

  • Recessed Setting Posining - Making possible to achieve a perfect balance between the natural playing feel of the Chain Drive's motion and lighter action, resulting in 20% less exertion required to produce the same result in power and feel that is found in existing current models.

  • Fast Ball Bearing - Created based on the super accurate bearing used in PC hard drives, ABS systems in automobiles, and so on. This ultra-precise machine technology produces highly accurate revolving movement and high durability in even the toughest environment.

  • LiteSprocket - Compared with Iron Cobra's sprocket, this version decreases its weight by 40%. It revolves naturally and smoothly, providing a lighter feel.

  • Projector beater- It gives the bass drum more sound projection and rich resonance. The convex head shape focuses the power generated by the beater stroke's action to the smaller surface area. This angle gives you a more focused attack and punchy sonic penetration. Rotate the beater head for larger surface contact and get a fatter sound with extremely powerful volume.

  • Super Spring The newly developed Super Spring needs less exertion in the beginning of pedal action. When the beater rebounds from the bass drum head, you can easily feel a quicker response, and by adjusting the Cobra Coil underneath the footboard, you can acquire a smoother feel.

    The SpeedCobra also comes with a few common features already offered on the Iron Cobra line: The Cobra Coil, Oilles Bearing Hinge, Varl-Pitch Beater Holder, Para-Clamp II, Speedo-Ring and Spring Tight.

    You can find the SpeedCobra single bass pedal for $179.99 and the double bass pedal version for $399.99. For more info visit http://www.tamadrum.co.jp/speedcobra/index.html

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