Tama releases STARPHONIC Limited Edition Snare

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-07-15)

Tama releases STARPHONIC Limited Edition Snare

Tama's STARPHONIC Stainless Steel is part of the limited edition snares series and was presented at the Summer NAMM.It features the same 1mm thick shell found on the Warlord “Spartan.” Here is a list of its unique features:

  • Resonant Sound Edge - TAMA’s exclusive R.S.E. - ingeniously combines a standard bearing edge with a special chamber to create a shell capable of a big range of sounds.

  • Groove Hoop - Combined with the STARPHONIC Freedom Lug & Hook, the Grooved Hoop allows fast and easy head changing. The shape of the “Grooved Hoop” is inspired by so-called “stick saver hoops” which were typically used on select vintage snare drums in the 30s and 40s. With a usual flanged hoop, the top section of the hoop is bent towards the outside of the drum. But on the “Grooved Hoop”, it bends inward. This inward curvature not only enhances the natural tone of the drum and projects the sound upwards toward the player, it offers more sensitivity, precision, and control.

  • Freedom Lug & Claw Hook - By loosening the tension rods, you can tilt the claw hooks backwards and away from the Grooved Hoop. This quick release system offers simple, speedy replacement of drum heads without having to take all of the tension rods out of the lugs.

  • Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare - In order to provide a more crisp and sensitive sound, TAMA redesigned their snappy snare, using new materials and customizing the shape of the plate and the wire coil’s winding pattern. As a result of these modifications, the new “Super Sensitive Hi-Carbon Snappy Snare” fits more closely to the snare side head, demonstrating greater sensitivity and brighter, crisper sound.

  • New “linear-Drive Strainer - STARPHONIC’s new strainer uses a “Linear-Drive” system, which it was designed to provide greater control of the lever adjustment arm and more precise control of the strainer’s deployment motion. Most strainers are not designed like this and tend to speed up right before the snare wires connect with the snare side head. Also, by tilting the angle of the butt plate 30 degrees, this design holds the snare wire cords or tape more firmly and reduces unnecessary pressure on the strainer and shell.

  • Detachable Butt Plate - The Detachable Strainer Butt allows you to change your snare side head, but keeps the snare wire tension in its original state.

  • Ratchet Style Snappy tension Adjuster - To prevent the snappy snares from loosening, TAMA incorporated a ratchet system on the strainer’s tension adjustment mechanism. Much like an adjustment tool with fine gears, it achieves high-pressure retention, even with extreme settings. Single click adjustments offer a vertical pull of 0.125mm of wire motion, which allows you to achieve ultra sensitive micro-adjustments

  • Non-loosening Rubber Gasket - STARPHONIC’s claw hooks have a rubber block inside to prevent the tension bolts from loosening during playing. Once the tension bolt is tightened, the claw hook is pressed towards the hoop. This also presses the rubber block inside the claw hook and adds pressure to the tension rod inside.

    The STARPHONIC’s shell is 6" deep and 14” in diameter. This new TAMA snare can be found for a price of $549.99.

    For more info visit http://www.tamadrum.co.jp/usa/news/product_news/2010/Limited/index.html

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