LP Celebrates Santana’s Legacy with Exclusive Aspire Model Congas

(mtebaldi | Posted 2010-07-16)

LP Celebrates Santana’s Legacy with Exclusive Aspire Model Congas

For all Carlo Santana’s aficionados out there, LP is celebrating its long-standing relationship with this Latin/rock legend by creating exclusive Aspire model congas that feature artwork from Santana's 1970 breakthrough album, Abraxas. The striking figure of a soaring angel mounted atop a conga drum is distinctive and instantly recognizable.

LP Aspire Santana Abraxas Angel conga drums feature 28" tall Siam Oak shells in a 10" & 11" conga set priced at $599.00, and a 12" tumba sold for $269.00. They're fitted with natural rawhide heads for deep tones and dynamic projection, and with EZ Curve rims for comfortable playability. Their slim shell contours and light-but-strong chrome hardware make them easy to handle—and affordable—for students, hobbyists, and budget-conscious professionals alike.

Two additional drums complement the Aspire Santana Abraxas Congas. First is a pair of matching 6-3⁄4" and 8" bongos priced at $185.00 that incorporate the same construction features as the congas for great sound and maximum value. The second item is LP's unique Mini Santana Abraxas Angel Conga that is available in both black and white and sold for $80.00 each. This 11" tall, fully tunable wood drum features a proportionately scaled version of the Abraxas Angel artwork, and comes fitted with chrome hardware and a natural rawhide head. As a genuinely playable instrument, this mini-conga would make a great gift for any music fan.

You can listen to audio clips of the Santana Abraxas Wood conga and bongos here:http://lpmusic.com/Product_Showcase/Whats_New/santana-abraxas-drums.html

For more information about LP products please visit www.lpmusic.com

About Santana’s Abraxas album:
Abraxas is the second studio album by Santana, the Latin rock n' roll group led by guitarist Carlos Santana. Consolidating their live success at the Woodstock Festival in 1969, and the interest generated by their first album the band took some time to issue a follow-up. Released in September 1970, the album's mix of rock, blues, jazz, salsa and other influences made it a classic that defined Santana's early sound, and showed a musical maturation from their first album.

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